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DVD review: 'The Mighty Boosh: Season 2'

'The Mighty Boosh: Season 2'


For sheer polarizing strangeness, it's hard to beat 'The Mighty Boosh.'

'The Mighty Boosh: Season 2'
'The Mighty Boosh: Season 2'

Refer to the first series to become familiarized with the show.

For the second series, the setting has been transferred from a zoo to an apartment. Vince (Noel Fielding) and Howard (Julian Barratt) live there with Naboo (Michael Fielding) and Bollo (Dave Brown) the gorilla.

This year, Vince and Howard fancy themselves to be musicians and struggle to find inspiration/their big break. It's not a huge point of emphasis and only really pops up in a few episodes.

Unlike the first season which was strong all across the board, there are some episodes here that are simply too bizarre to work, namely 'The Priest and the Beast' and 'The Nightmare of Milky Joe'. The former is a mess that lacks laughs while the latter eventually builds into something great, but takes a little too long to do so.

Counteracting some of these weaker moments are some of the show's strongest moments. We get to meet the odd character Old Gregg. A character known as the Hitcher also makes himself very known. Visual gags become more prominent and extreme. While it's less grounded in reality, the lengths that the show goes to for jokes will exceed your hopes and expectations.

This year continues the show's trend of transporting the action to far off lands, this time, going inter-dimensional. In fact, more than before, this series seems to be interested in taking the action elsewhere, mostly just checking in at the apartment. The Zooniverse was once extremely important to the some-what set-bound first year, not so here.

Also new is that each episode checks in with the moon who spouts off a few sentences of nonsense and rotates. It adds little, but it is a palate-cleanser.

As always, Fielding, Barratt and Richie Fulcher all play multiple characters, much in the tradition of 'Monty Python' and 'The League of Gentlemen.' It must be a British thing. Giving Naboo and Bollo a more prominent role and being a little more focused with the cast was a great decision. The verbal interplay among the characters wins out just as much as the visual gags.

Special features include: nothing

'The Mighty Boosh Series 2' is a solid continuation of the dynamic that was previously established. Maybe things go a little overboard at times, but the average of quality remains comparably strong.

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Not Rated 168 minutes 2009