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DVD review: The Legend of Hercules: An insipid abuse of a great character

The Legend of Hercules


There are certain characters and stories that are timeless. They have and always will be reinvented for as long as there are stories to be told. With every version, the story tellers attempt to add their own unique outlook on telling the story the character. There are some good and then some that are just bad. The character of Hercules will be making a return to the screen in 2014. After a long absence from the screen, the last appearance was year, The mythical strongman will be featured in two films this year. The first of the two movies debuted in January 10, 2014 and is now available on video. The second will debut later this year.
The Legend of Hercules is an unoriginal, blasphemous charade that mutilates, mangles, and utterly maims one of the classic characters of fiction. This is the first of the two films that is allowing the “mythical hero” to make a return to the public consciousness. The Legend of Hercules is a new reimagining that gives a true recreation of his origin from top to bottom. The movie stars Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Scott Adkins (Assignation Games), Gaia Weiss (Mary Queen of Scots), Roxanne McKee (Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines), Liam Mcintyre (Spartacus: War of The Damned: tv show), Rade Serbedzija (Taken 2), and Luke Newberry (Anna Karenina).
Its’ a travesty and a mockery. In fact, this film is a TRAV-SHAM-MOCKERY. This movie does the character of Hercules little to no justice. It’s billed as an origin story. That’s one of the few positives about this calamity. It gives a good perspective on the beginning of Hercules like never before. The movie actually begins before his birth, giving the audience an unseen glimpse at how the heroic muscle man was conceived. This was a great approach and showed a lot of originality and vision. It’s one of the few movies to show his birth and the events that led to it. The worst part is that after that, the film goes to crap faster than it started. One of the biggest detractors for this film is that it makes the focus a love story. “Legend” spends far too much time trying to force this aspect down the viewer’s throat. You never really feel for Hercules or his stolen love. As the film progresses and it continues to show Hercules devotion and desire to return to her, you never sympathize.
In spite of its many, many flaws and glaring shortcomings, the movie has some really good cinematography. The film is well shot. Has the same look of the modern films that try to recapture the stories of history like 300 and Immortals. The movie makes sure to include two of the key scenes that are essential to any retelling of the story of Hercules. Despite being one of the worse versions of the story of Hercules, the film does include some of the essential elements to any retelling of the origin of the character. It includes the epic scenes of Hercules defeating a lion with his bare hands and the tearing down of the stone pillars. The action should have been the best part of the film. Just like the rest of the movie, it begins with a lot of promise. Far too many of them are over the top, completely hindering the enjoyment of it. Some of the scenes are decent; however, many of them look too ridiculous to be enjoyable. The films misuse of slow motion is truly a hindrance. It’s misplaced, overused, and simply becomes an overstated exasperation of the poor quality of this film.
There truly isn’t much to like about The Legend of Hercules. The lack of originality in the delivery of the film is what truly kills this movie. The movie feels like they saw what worked in the other films of this kind and tries to steal a piece of each. It has elements of other films such as Gladiator, Spartacus, and Immortals. The Legend of Hercules boasts some good action in the opening moments but the rest of it isn’t truly any good. The movie is nearly a waste. The creators of the movie want to sell it as an origin story in the attempt to grant a fresh perspective on the character. It does have a good level of originality in its delivery but the film is more about having some nice eye candy for both sexes and forgets that films should look good and actually be good as well. This is one that you should steer clear of. Don’t waste the time or effort to even consider watching this. If you like Hercules then check out the old tv show or the version with Lou Ferigno. Whoever made this needs to be drawn and quartered.