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DVD review: 'The League: The Second Season'

'The League: The Second Season'


Given the success and sample size of the first season of 'The League', many were interested to see where the second season would take our characters.

'The League: The Second Season'
'The League: THe Second Season'

Let's see.

Pete (Mark Duplass), Kevin (Steve Rannazzisi), Ruxin (Nick Kroll), Andre (Paul Scheer), and Taco (John Lajoie) continue to play their league. This year, there is a shakeup in the league as one of the unseen out of towners drops out, leaving space for a new member. Jenny (Katie Aselton) wants to be the one to join, but things aren't that simple.

We follow the weekly exploits of the gang as their teams elate and disappoint them. All the while, real life happens and they must navigate social, professional and personal obstacles, including each other.

The second year more than doubles the number of episodes from its predecessor. It's almost as if the first go-round was a practice run to establish a dynamic and to see if it would catch on. We can definitively say that it succeeded on both fronts. This season takes what worked the first time around and simply gives us more. Andre is on the receiving end of more ribbing from his friends, Taco is dangerously clueless and the guys all get into more elaborate dilemmas trying to one-up each others' teams. Thankfully, the quality matches the quantity.

Everyone in the cast continues to shine at what they do. The true highlight and new addition to the group is Ruxin's brother-in-law, Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas). He is practically a sociopath and he really kicks things up a notch.

Another new factor is that along with the goal of eventually winning The Shiva, there is a dubious prize for coming in last, The Sacko. Jenny's acceptance into the league also complicates things, especially for poor Kevin who is lost without her help.

Special features include: deleted scenes, a short paint-by-numbers video, a fake commercial for Taco's notary business, a compilation of Taco musical numbers, deleted scenes, alt nation and a gag reel.

'The League Season Two' builds upon the first season by simply being more: more cameos, more episodes and more laughs.

Watch it and you just might achieve 'The Vinegar Stroke.'

Not rated 286 minutes 2010