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DVD Review The Last Days

dvd of The last days


With the popularity of biblical disaster movies being produced throughout the film industry, Spain debuts its own version on the classic story titled The Last Days. Unlike many films which depicts a society faced with an unknown virus, the Last Days immerses audiences of a world where the infected cannot escape from their own imprisonment due to a deadly case of Agoraphobia that makes victims die with fear whenever exposed to the elements. Written and Directed by David and Alex Pastor and spoken in Spanish with English subtitles, gives the film gritty realism as Marc and Enrique must embark through subway and sewer tunnels to avoid the effects from the FEAR while the city Barcelona above falls into ruin. Currently available on DVD for purchase

Marc is walking through an abandon mall to look for his wife

All over the world, the news of people refusing to leave their home then dying throughout the world has Marc, played by Quim Gutierrez, and his wife Julia, played by Marta Etura, concern of having a child. Frustrated with the long hours to meet deadlines imposed by his supervisor, during breakfast, Marc has an argument with his wife. With no choice, he leaves her upset and alone in the apartment to contemplate on their relationship. His world crashes as he soon discovers he’s been inflicted with the FEAR and cannot leave the building. Unable to to contact Julia and anyone from the outside world, Marc makes a pact with his supervisor, Enrique, played by Jose Coronando, to use his GPS and guide them underground to Marc’s apartment and the hospital where Enrique’s father is recovering. Both Marc and Enrique do not trust one another but soon learn each one’s value is greatly needed to succeed. As they walk through the sewers in darkness they are unaware what dangers lurk with every step taken. Will the Fear finally overtake them and die in the belly of the city or will they face others who will stop at nothing to survive?

A very interesting film concept depicting the end of humanity. With many movies showing a virus simply killing the world’s population, this film offers feeling separation from one another as the infliction and to reunite with someone far is a death sentence. The sense of being alone and isolated from society makes a horrible death sentence. Being spanish, understood the meaning behind the dialect between Marc and Enrique as both men were frustrated with one another yet compelled to help and embrace one another when faced with obstacles. Highly recommend this movie for adults and give it 9 out of 10. Produced by Morena Films and Antena 3 Films and distributed by IFC Films.

That’s my story and i am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.
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