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DVD review: The Internship: Big on heart but short on true comedy

The Internship


The Internship is a moderately entertaining, uplifting happenstance that melds a number of humorous moments to a feel good story about life, change, and taking chances. This is the latest film to embellish the world of geek. The movie stars Owen Wilson (Drillbit Taylor), Vince Vaughn (Delivery Man), Rose Byrne (Insidious 2), and Will Ferrell (Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues)
Two former sales apply to be interns at Google. These “over the usual age” interns are teamed with some younger interns to vie against a slew of opponents in a number of spirited competitive scenarios to earn jobs at Google. It’s more of a heart-warming tale with heavy comedic overtones as opposed to a true comedy. The Internship focuses on the bond that our comedic tandem forms with the younger generation. It has a decent level of humor but it’s nowhere near the humor that you may expect. Its heart is in the right place, just not the humor to go along with it. In spite of it not being a true comedy, The Internship does have some good comedic moments.
The Internship reunites the great tandem from Wedding Crashers in an attempt to spark up another great, comedic hit. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson took their last outing together into the annals of comic movie history. This time however, it’s not nearly as successful. Wilson and Vaughn still have good chemistry together but this film doesn’t capture the magic of their first. It’s clearly lacking in the humor department. Wilson is nearly the same character in WC, just nowhere near as likable. This version of the love sick dude is too redundant and doesn’t have any effect on the film because it’s far to cliché for him now. Vaughn character is more of the same for him as well. There’s nothing that endears us to it but he has more funny moments than Wilson. His 80’s references, particularly to Flashdance, are some of the funniest in the film. Just like in Wedding Crashers, Will Ferrell has another great cameo just as he did in the last film that Wilson and Vaughn teamed for. His character is one of the best aspects of a film that is short on true comedy.
The Internship has good intentions but the delivery isn’t nearly as good as the themes that are in it. The humor of The Internship doesn’t flow. It feels like it tries really hard to but it never gets to that great laugh. It never approaches the t level of Wedding Crashers. It’s mostly hit and miss, one minute a moderately humorous scene then not long after crickets. The film has no consistency in its comedy throughout. It’s just more of a feel good film that only stands out because of that feel good approach. All in all, The Internship isn’t a bad film. It just falls far below would you would expect from this tandem. The trailer, the actors, and everything build a level of expectation that it never meets. That’s its biggest downfall. I wouldn’t suggest buying it but it would be a good film for Netflix or if you can catch it on cable.