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DVD review: The Face of Love

DVD film review


The sudden death of a loved one makes mourning unbearable but over the course of time the pain loses its grip from the soul, but for Nikki, her wishes to bring her husband back seems to be fulfilled as a mirror image of her husband walks right pass her. In the movie, The Face of Love, starring Annette Bening, Ed Harris and the late Robin Williams depicts what a women in pain will ignore her better judgment and against her loving daughter and friend to be with a man who is exactly the same image as her departed husband, Though deep down inside, Nikki knows her husband is dead but for the moment, Tom, is what she needs right now to bemoan from her beloved husband Garrett.

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During a anniversary vacation in Mexico, Nikki, played by Annette B,.with husband Garrett, played by Ed H., enjoy an early evening swim in the ocean. Tragedy strikes Nikki as Garrett washes on shore dead from drowning. Five years since passed and Nikki finally begins to purge her husband’s belongings. Feeling her life can start over again, Nikki visits their favorite art museum and reminisce tender moments of her late husband kissing her there. Nikki walks out from the museum to see a noticeable man wearing unfamiliar clothes. As he stands up from the park bench and walk pass Nikki, she realized who that man looks like - Its her Garrett. Despite her better judgement, Nikki begins to pursue Tom, played by Ed H. Convinced this is what she needs to end her pain, invites him over the house for some painting lessons. Will Nikki continue with a man who looks like her dead husband? Can this relationship last with Tom not knowing whom he’s replacing?

Directed and written by Arie Posin with Matthew McDuffie and produced by Mockingbird Pictures, this film shows how the loss of a loved one can unprovoke an opportunity for a second chance. Annette’s character was almost to the break of a meltdown until she sees Tom. Though Nikki continues with this charade of bringing back the memory of Garrett into her life, Tom falls in love with her. Although Robin Williams character offers a small contribution to the film, It was good to see him alive and performing. Distributed by IFC Films, recommend for adult audiences and give it 6 out of 10.

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