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DVD Review: Stuck in Love

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Stuck in Love


First time director (and writer) Josh Boone is going to be a household name. This is quite possibly one of the strongest feature film debuts in recent history. And it is very refreshing to see that it doesn't take multiple films to perfect a masterpiece, nor does it take a huge marketing campaign, a wide theatrical release, or a list of Academy Award-winning Hollywood A-listers to float the whole ship. It just takes a great director and a cast that really cares about a script that he so very obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating.

As the title suggests, Stuck in Love is about the all-too-familiar limbo phase that many people live a majority of their lives in. In this case, it focuses on the recent divorce between Greg (As Good As It Gets, Little Miss Sunshine) Kinnear and Jennifer (House of Sand and Fog, American Beauty) Connelly and how it affects their brilliant children, played by Lily (The Blind Side, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) Collins and Nat (New Year's Eve, Admission) Wolff. As an added bonus, a supporting cast is offered by both Kristen (Veronica Mars, The Lifeguard) Bell in the form of a casual on-the-side lover and Logan (the Percy Jackson series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower) Lerman as the ultimate friend zone good guy. But the cast, though great, would be nowhere without such a wonderful script. Granted, it's laced with pretentious ideas and ridiculously cynical viewpoints, but that's the point. After all, the father and children (and would-be boyfriend) all have one common defining traits: They're all writers.

This movie will evoke every feeling on the emotional spectrum, so it would be unfair to classify it solely as a romance film or a comedy or even a drama. It has moments of genuine hilarity. It features scenes that will have you crying your eyes out. And it does so while poking fun at what it means to be a "genre" film, what it means to be too self-aware and over-educated, and just how primal we all really are deep down. This cast was amazing. The film is destined to be a classic. And it really be something to see Josh Boone take Hollywood by storm in the years to come. It's so nice to see that smart movies are still being made. It makes the future of entertainment a little less terrifying.