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DVD review: Six Feet Under: Season 5'

'Six Feet Under: Season 5'


As stated in a previous review, 'Six Feet Under' was an important show that may have unjustly faded in the memories of many people.

'Six Feet Under: Season 5'
'Six Feet Under: Season 5'

Let’s see how everything wraps up in the fifth season.

Last season dropped a huge bombshell on Nate (Peter Krause). He struggles to get his life moving forward again, this time with Brenda (Rachel Griffiths).

Ruth (France Conroy) can barely keep it together with George (James Cromwell) while David (Michael C. Hall) and Keith (Mathew St. Patrick) are at a crossroads in their relationship as one wants to have children naturally while the other wants to adopt. Rico (Freddy Rodriguez) is trying to salvage his family and to keep the funeral home afloat while keeping an eye on his future. Claire (Lauren Ambrose) finds and loses artistic inspiration and struggles with what she wants to be.

While Nate was in a selfish and messed up place the previous season, he continues to have his trouble, though some happiness emerges for him. This is a complicated year for him. All of the characters are in a period of transition, really. The series is rapidly careening toward finding a good place to leave our characters. Their drama could have comfortably carried over into another season or two, but it was best that it wasn’t stretched too thin.

Without giving anything away, something unexpected happens to one of the more important characters partway through the season. The timing is completely unexpected (though hinted at earlier in the series). There is also a needless coda that spells some fates out a bit too clearly. The perfect ending would have left things a little more ambiguous.

There are a number of fantasy/dream sequences that tries to help lighten the mood. Some succeed, others don’t, but the creators seemed to be having fun by this point.

The characters have always been the strong suit of this show and this is a fine victory lap for the cast/characters. Some very interesting things happen and everyone is up to the challenge. It’s really hard to type about much of what happens this year, especially if you haven’t seen it yet (somehow), because we end up in some interesting places, yet some people are left off exactly where we knew they belonged.

Special features include: commentary, two half hour retrospectives and feature about the impact of the show.

'Six Feet Under: Season Five' is somehow both an audacious and appropriate way for the series to end.

It wasn’t perfect, but then again, life isn’t tidy and neat, so why should a show be?

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Not Rated 735 minutes 2006