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DVD review: Run & Jump

DVD review of Run and Jump


A foreign film staring Maxine Peake, Will Forte and Edward MacLiam

Will Forte and Maxine Peake play Dr. Ted Fielding and Vanetia

When the man of the house suffers a stroke that changes both his personality and behavior with his family forever, what is a wife to do? The film, Run and Jump, written and directed by Steph Green with Ailbhe Keagan introduces the Casey family. As the head of the household and bread winner, Conor Casey, played by Edward MacLiam, becomes incapacitated due to a sudden stroke causing a mental disability and unable to care for himself nor support his family. It’s up to Vanetia Casey, played by Maxine Peake to keep her family together, deal with a stuffy live-in research doctor and continue to keep her resilience against this tragedy as well as a devoted wife.

Dr.Ted Fielding, an American psychologist, moves into the Casey house to study Conor’s behavior due to a rare stroke that alters his perception the world around him. As Ted records and documents Conor’s behavior, Vanetia becomes annoyed with Ted’s constant video recordings. Vanetia hopes her husband will make a full recovery and move on with their lives. But as days pass, Vanetia’s happy go lucky life is in shambles as she accepts Conor’s permanent prognosis. During her daily house cleaning, She discovers a bag of weed in Ted’s room. Surprised by this, she confronts Ted that evening and puts on a front in order to break the ice and for a smoke. Their relationship begins to take shape, Ted becomes a comfort and friend to Vanetia as well as her children but will her love for Conor diminish as Ted becomes more footed into the family?

Maxine Peake character of Vanetia to be motherly charismatic and charming. Faced with the reality her husband will never be the man she onced married, begins to rediscovery how to love him anew. A graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Maxine displays a full range of frustration and compassion especially her short-lived relationship with Ted, played by Will Forte. Will’s character Ted starts as a typical sterile researcher who only wants to document Conor’s condition for future studies. But over the course of weeks, in the film, Ted drops is guard from everyone only to fall in love with Vanetia and the children. A fine performance from actors Maxine and Will and a wonderful movie to watch. Produced by Samson Films and Bavaria Pictures and distributed by IFC Films, give it 8 out to 10 and is intended for mature audiences. Available on DVD June 12, Thursday.

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