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DVD review: Revelation Trail

John Gibson's Revelation Trail on DVD


For the people of a small town in the 1880’s, life was quiet and peaceful a simple way of life. As the town’s Preacher and his family prepare themselves for the night, They are unaware what gallops toward their front porch. For the Preacher and the town’s local Marshal, Judgement Day has arrived and has brought the dead back to life. Its a zombie apocalypse, old western style as two men from opposite worlds, man’s law and God’s law must work together and survive from this damnation as more and more zombies are closing it to feast on their bones.

A zombified pastor and his undead church members out on a morning walk

In the film, two murdering gunslingers who become infected after killing a local family are given a place to stay for the night at the Preacher’s barn. The next morning, the Preacher notices the men gone and goes about his business unaware his wife and son will soon be infected as undead gunslinger sneak behind and begins to bite pieces of them. Running to their aid, he manages to kill the zombie but must run into town to get medical help from town's doctor. Enraged, the Preacher spots the other gunslingers as he stumble across the street, with his rifle kills the gunslinger and is charged with murder by the Marshal. Unaware what's happen, the Marshal goes back where the Preacher’s family was attacked only to finds both the Preacher’s wife, Isabella, and their son have become zombies and attack. As night falls, the Marshal rides back into a town completely infested with zombies. He releases the Preacher and arms him in order to ride out together to escape from plague of zombies.

John P. Gibson, director of Revelation Trail brings a masterful piece of suspense and terror on a tight film budget. Blake Armstrong, Daniel Van Thomas with Gibson wrote the storyline and dialogue and filming under the night sky brought the film’s cinematography a genuine rustic old western tale. Part of the Preacher played by Daniel T. portrayal of a simple Preacher after losing his family continues to offer God’s redemption to the undead slain by his shovel and a prompt burial was a performance well credited. Part of the Marshal, played by Daniel Britt, as a sometimes heartless lawman until he reveals a dark past that forever haunts his soul was timeless and at times moments of compassion as he makes an ultimate sacrifice for the sake of a friend. A Living End Production film and distributed by E One. Revelation Trail is currently available and intended for a teenage audience and give it 6 out of 10.

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