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DVD Review: Penthouse North

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Penthouse North


Do not let the "made for television" feel of the script fool you. Director Joseph (The Forgotten, Sleeping with the Enemy) Ruben is just as good as he has ever been in his newest thriller, Penthouse North. Also titled (in some regions and even on TV) as Blindsided, this film features a strong cast of primarily two actors and one actress who never once break character and do the best they can with their budget restraints and a "by the numbers" thriller script.

Michelle (Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Monaghan shines as the lead, a former photojournalist living in her boyfriend's New York City penthouse after being blinded in Afghanistan. Michael (Batman, Pacific Heights) Keaton proves that he really is one of, if not the greatest villain actors currently working in Hollywood. And Barry (Revenge, Hollyoaks) Sloane does a great job as Keaton's right-hand man.

The greatest strength of this film is the acting, but a close second is the director's usage of a good pace. The film never drags and ends precisely where it should. There are no loose ends. There isn't an epic finale that renders the rest of the movie unbelievable. And for once, which is all too rare in a genre such as this (especially in the low budget variety), the film does not rely on constant twists and turns and unrealistic character sacrifices in order to keep the audience interested. It's a straight-forward, well-acted, finely-crafted thriller. If you enjoy those types of films, you will enjoy this one. If you do not, it's still worth giving it a shot for Monaghan and Keaton.