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DVD review: Peeples (2013): A hip fun retelling of a classic film.



Peeples is a hip, humorous modernization of one of classic stories in film. It’s a surprisingly entertaining that gives a facelift to one of the more relatable stories in film. This film is the latest retelling of the classic “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.” The film stars Craig Robinson (This Is The End), David Alan Grier (Little Man), Kerri Washington (Django Unchained), Tyler James Williams (Unaccompanied Minors), Kali Hawk (Get Him To the Greek), and Malcolm Barrett (My Best Friend’s Girl).
Peebles is an outrageous embellishment of the classic story. It has some really good comedic moments that start in the earliest moments of the film. It’s the story of a rich young woman and her attempts to find acceptance from her overprotective and judgmental father to accept her working class boyfriend.
Peebles is at its best when it pokes fun at the multiple uncomfortable situations that Wade faces as he tries to endear himself and gain acceptance by her family. It’s a good combination of slapstick and straight humor that makes it work. Robinson finds the right balance to keep the audience thoroughly entertained.
Craig Robinson is a lot of fun as Wade. In spite of this being a redundant story, he does a really good job at adding his own take to his characters version. Robinson’s depiction of Wade is his best role to date. He’s got a great take on the character and is easily the best aspect of this copycat version. The battle of wills between he and David Alan Grier is very entertaining.
There have been a number of different perspectives on this classic story. Peebles isn’t the best or even the funniest but it falls somewhere in between. It’s packed with some good humor and it feels fresh. Craig Robinson’s performance as Wade makes the whole thing work. He’s easiy better in this role than the more recent comedic attempts at it (Ben Stiller, Meet The Parents, and Ashton Kutcher, Guess Who) Peeples is funny in spurts. The story doesn’t really offer a lot of new perspective on the original story and if feels far too much like Meet The Parents. Much like the rest of the film it lacks the originality to take it beyond just mediocre. However, it’s fun. You can do far worse than adding Peebles to your collection. So if you need a good laugh, then humor.