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DVD review: Parker: No honor amongst theives



Jason Statham is the best pure action actor in Hollywood. He has a lengthy resume of some solid performance. He has nearly as many good action movies as some of the Hollywood legends of the action genre, yet he is not considered among the pantheon of great action actors. In an era where the pure action star has become nearly extinct, Statham continues to dazzle audiences with his tough guy roles. One of his more recent action films, Parker, adds another solid performance to that ever growing resume of movies.
Parker is an underrated, hard-nosed occurrence that showcases one of the most under-appreciated action stars in film. It is one of the more recent motion pictures to hit home video from this generation most underrated action star, Jason Statham. The film stars Jason Statham (Homefront), Jennifer Lopez (The Back Up Plan), Michael Chiklis (Eagle Eye), Nick Nolte (Warrior), Wendell Pierce (Horrible Bosses), and Clifton Collins jr (Pacific Rim).
An elaborate heist that goes awry in this tale of vengeance that shows aptly demonstrates that there is "no honor among thieves." Parker is another take on the revenge film. The film really builds on that cliché as Parker (Statham) seeks to double cross his former partners who left him for dead on their last job when he refused to continue a life of crime. Statham assumes his usual tough guy role. Parker is yet another solid performance that will be added to Statham’s constant resume. It’s a decent film and Statham maintains his consistent level just as in so many of his roles. Statham needs to do something to break away from the mundane roles so that he can get the recognition that he deserves but Parker isn’t the film to garner him any more acclaim than so many of his other roles. Jennifer Lopez is nothing more than just eye candy as her performance is easily forgettable. Michael Chikils takes the role as the head bad guy and it far below the standard of acting that he set for himself during his tenure on the Shield.
Parker really isn’t anything new. It’s just an average flick that has some decent action. It has some solid performances but nothing about this movie jumps out at you, other than Jennifer Lopez in her underwear. Parker is yet another example of what’s wrong with Statham’s lack of recognition for the great action star that he is. It’s not a film that will ever get him to the legendary star status of the more well-known Actions stars of the 80’s and 90’s. Parker makes for an OK watch. It is not a film that you need to run and see or even feel bad if you miss it. Catch it on cable or Redbox, it’s not a bad movie, it just isn’t anything great.