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DVD review: 'Orphan Black Season Two'

'Orphan Black: Season Two'


The first season of 'Orphan Black' took audiences by storm. This examiner was one of the lucky victims to be swept up by the maelstrom.

'Orphan Black: Season Two'
'Orphan Black: Season Two'

It left off on a cliffhanger, so we had to wait to find out the what was in store for the continued adventures of these clones.

Sarah's (Tatiana Maslany) daughter Kira was abducted at the end of first season. We were also introduced to yet another clone, Rachel who is in a position of great power. Cosima's illness progressed and the need for a cure had become more urgent. Allison was having trouble dealing with the guilt from a questionable action at the end of the first season and also doesn't trust her husband. Helena is still a homicidal loose-cannon, so anything could happen there.

Along with them each having their own issues to contend with, outside forces make their intentions very apparent and police interference seems to be the least of the clones' concerns, this time around.

This season gives us a lot of insight into some closed doors from the previous year. We meet Kira's father, we get to know the Proletheans, another clone or two is revealed and we begin to get an idea how deep the whole project goes. The show isn't overly precious about many of the 'important' characters either as some are killed off fairly liberally throughout the season.

While Sarah is still at the heart of the story, attention is paid a bit more equally to the rest of the sisters as we don't have to waste time with introductions. They each have their unique challenges and perspectives.

The only conceivable criticisms could come in the form of the fact that the season doesn't exactly have the same surprise as the first time around because we were prepared for the high quality. While we're at it, the choice to introduce a surprising clone well into the season for only one episode for absolutely no reason other than to withhold and eventually delivery a clue in the form of a single line could have been handled better. If this comes back or does something in the third season, that could totally redeem this minor gripe.

Maslany gives another masterful performance, taking on more responsibility than ever before.

Special features include: clone club insiders, behind the scenes and deleted scenes.

'Orphan Black: Season Two' delivered the same excitement that the first season promised and we went a lot further down this particular rabbit hole. The very final scene hints that the story is poised to venture into even more audacious territory.

What more could you ask for?

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Not Rated 435 minutes 2014