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DVD review of :"Weekend of a Champion"

DVD Documentary of Sir Jackie Stewart win in 1971 Formula One Grad Prix race


Weekend of a Champion. A racing documentary of Sir. Jackie Stewart’s victory over the 1971 Formula One Grand Prix race. Currently out on DVD, shows how legendary Formula One driver Jackie Stewart, in a span of three days, prepared himself and his pit crew for the race of a lifetime. Fans of Formula One racing will witness in the spring of 1971 how Sir Jackie Stewart, rated as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time, overcame bad weather and illness to win the Grand Prix.

Sir Jackie Stewart race at 1971 Formula One Grand Prix

Filmed by director, Roman Polanski and Frank Simon, Polanski filmed over the events leading to race and the grand finale in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Accompanied by his wife, Helen Steward, this documentary reveals how Jackie’s determination and desire to win brought himself a pole position spot and his key to finish first place. With two hours of grueling hairpinned turns, explosive acceleration and cars jockeying for position, can make formula one racing a death trap. Traveling speeds of 200 mph or more can even make a simple mistake a race car driver’s last one. Through it all, Sir Jackie, despite unseasonable weather, manages to avoid the racing pitfalls and accomplish in grand fashion. Also, on DVD, Jackie reminisces past Grand Prix racers he’s admired over the years and those who've died tragically for the sport.

If you a formula one racing fan, see this historical race back in the 70’s. Weekend of a Champion shows how a simple man from Scotland made his dream come true and be an iconic inspiration for future formula racers. A great movie to watch for racing fans. Produced by Angelo EMI and distributed by Submarine Deluxe is for general audiences and give it 7 out of 10.

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