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DVD review: Kilimanjaro

DVD film of Kilimanjaro


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. For the life of Doug, each day seemed to to repeat itself over and over again until one day while channel surfing sees a travel commercial decides to book tickets to climb South Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro. There’s just a few minor details to iron out. He’s not in shape, his overbearing boss won’t approval his vacation time, his estranged girlfriend, Clare, is having second thoughts to reunite and if matters couldn't get any worse, a sprained ankle. Can Doug manage these obstacles and make the journey to Kilimanjaro or will it his dream collapse at his feet entirely.

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Doug, played by Brian Geraghty, is determine to make his trip to Kilimanjaro and has vowed nothing will stop him from the experience of a lifetime. As his relationship with Clare, played by Alexia Rasmussen, ends due to boredom, she later regrets her decision and attempts to win Doug back into her life. Doug on the other hand, feels his life is better without her and starts to meet other people. His friend Mitch, played by Chris Marquette, is not quite enthuse in going to climb a rock enjoys the benefit of being single, rich and young. Doug’s parents often call to check up on him and announce are sending his grandmother’s wedding ring in hopes Doug will marry Clare. Short on funds, Doug pawns the ring to pay for his ticket and needed supplies instead. As he prepares for his trek, manages to quit his job, upset his parents and Clare. But for Clare, she might have something up her sleeve that will freeze Doug right in his tracks.

This movie offers a John Hughes film feel of a coming of age for those born in generation X era. Doug is an ordinary man who is simply wanting something new and challenging to partake. Kilimanjaro is the chance to really do something for himself and live and share the experience with others. Unfortunately life has a way of making event in one’s life feel like climbing a mountaintop. Near the end of the film Doug have to will decide whether to finish the climb of his own mountaintop or the mountain’s. Directed and written by Walter Strafford and produced by Deconstructed Pictures is film has adult language and themes and rate this 5 out of 10.

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