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DVD Review: Justice League: War

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Justice League: War


The newest entry in the DC Entertainment straight-to-DVD animated film releases is by far one of the strongest, no matter how angry some of the fans online might have you believe. Yes, it earns it's PG-13 rating with a large amount of violence and the language is certainly not something a small child should be around. But the simple fact that this is the first of the Justice League movies to not only acknowledge that yes, people talk this way, and yes, it makes it more realistic, but also, yes, it's the only way to truly elevate the medium. Just like the birth of the New 52 in the comic books in 2011, the retooled and updated origins of the world's greatest superheroes was met with quite a bit of skepticism. But, just like their comic book counterparts, the animated versions of your favorite characters will immediately feel familiar and the story will speak for itself.

Director Jay (Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) Oliva returns for yet another great addition to the DC Animated Universe library. The tale is simply this: the Justice League form in the midst of an alien invasion. It's simple. It's to the point. And it completely works. The updated interpretations may seem a bit jarring to lapsed or even older fans, but the strong dialogue and excellent animation make for an enjoyable and different ride. A new take is always difficult for those who don't like change. But even the most jaded viewer will appreciate the banter between Green Lantern and Batman, the awe-inspiring fight sequences between the League and Darkseid, and the scope of the story (and future stories) being told. For once, it's like a comic book is actually on the small screen.

Voice actors (some from television, others from the big screen) lend their talents to cover Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Shazam!, and Darkseid, among others. It really was a fun ride with just enough subtle nuances to make it heartwarming, tearjerking, and, as is a prerequisite in the comic genre, unique. Justin Kirk, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Astin, Zach Callison, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore, Jason O'Mara, Alan Tudyk, and Steve Blum are at the top of their respective games in this, what will be the first of many continuing adventures of the New 52's very own Justice League. The war was just the beginning, and as the teaser halfway through the credits reveals, there are plans for a sequel already in the works.