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DVD Review: Justice League: Doom

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Justice League: Doom


The real story behind Justice League: Doom lies in the genius of one superhero. In the wrong hands, his contingency plan could lead to the death of all superheroes. The world is in danger when there is no one left to save it.

One by one, the leaders of the Justice League are brought to their lowest point by an arch-enemy. For once, the bad guys have the upper hand having suddenly implemented the perfect plan to stop their rival. All seems hopeless as the Legion of Doom celebrates victory. All glory is given to Vandal Savage, the man who brought the Legion together to bring down the Justice League once and for all.

Although the animation style is a bit different from other JLA animated features, familiar voices like Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Tim Daly (Superman) help link the series together. Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, and Green Lantern round out the cast of JLA characters. A new-look Cyborg also joins the group on occasion.

As usual, the action sequences are exciting, fast-paced, with great camera angles. With so many superheroes fighting their counterpart rivals, it is difficult to give each sequence the adequate time to unfold. It is amazing how Wonder Woman can block almost every attack with her wrist bands.

The dialogue slips in spots of innuendo and language, perhaps to have the film seem more "grown-up." It is not necessary, yet, it has become a norm in these animated features. Unfortunately, this line of thinking will probably continue and get worse as time moves forward.

There are two stories here. First is the headliner: another villain wants to take over the world. The downfall of the film occurs when his actual plan is revealed. A natural reaction could be to roll your eyes at the stupidity of it all. But, no one said villains have to use wisdom with the amass of knowledge they boast to possess.

As stated before, the real story in about control. The type of control put in place for the members of the Justice League by one of their own is sheer genius and unexpected. Still, when it comes to Batman, one should expect everything, especially well-devised contingency plans. For a guy with no superpowers, he can take down the entire squad if necessary. Now, if only someone could create a contingency plan for him, just in case he crosses the line.

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