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DVD review: Hateship Loveship

DVD review of Liza Johnson's Hateship Loveship


For the life of Johanna Parry, all she ever knew was to clean and are care for her elderly employer. But when she suddenly dies, Johnanna relocates to another family and discovers something she’s been missing all her life, love. The movie, Hateship Loveship, directed by Liza Johnson and written by Mark Poirier details how Johanna, an ordinary caregiver, is relocated to cook and clean for the McCauley family. A childish prank by Sabathia and Edith causes Johanna to fall in love with a man she’s briefly met, Sabathia’s estranged father, Will Johanna leaves everything she’s ever know to travel to an unfamiliar town and meet a man who is a recovering alcoholic and drug user?

Johanna meets the McCauleys for the first time

Since the death of Sabathia’s mother, she befriends a self centered friend Edith, played by Sami Gayle. Sabathia’s father Ken, played by Guy Pearce, sudden visit sparks restlessness among Sabathia and Mr.Cauley. Ken offers a business proposal to restore an abandoned hotel in Chicago and asks some capital to begin renovating it. To smooth things over, Ken invites all for burgers then later sends a letter of thanks to Johanna. Edith and Sabathia, sees an opportunity to prank Johanna by corresponding back to think Ken want to court her. With Johanna’s affection blossoms, decides to follow her heart and travel to Chicago along with Mr. McCauley’s stored furniture to help remodel his hotel. While knocking every hotel door, finds an open bathroom window and crawls in to find Ken sleeping in shamble quarters. Later, Ken sobers up to confront Johanna’s unexpected visit and both discovers Sabathia and Edith played hurtful prank that leaves Johanna heartbroken and unwanted. With nowhere to run, Ken begs her to stay for the night. Unbenounced to both, this moment will change their lives forever.

Inspired by a short story written by Alice Munro, Kristen Wiig gives a convincing performance as a lonely caregiver who was mislead to think Ken loved her. Like all things that need cleaning, the character Johanne, scrubs all of Ken’s imperfections away. She completely changes the appearance and feel of the apartment by cleaning cooking for him. Ken, played by Guy P., forgoes his bad habits of drinking and drug use due to her acts of kindness, then later sees the love from Johanna’s heart. Nick Notley as Mr. McCauley performance should be well noted as his character starts to let go the anger left from his daughter boat tragedy. Produced by Benaroya PIctures and Fork Films and distributed by IFC Films recommended for adult and mature audiences is available for purchase and rate this 6 out of 10.

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