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DVD review: Douglas Dietrich – Roswell and the Rising Sun

DVD review: Douglas Dietrich – Roswell and the Rising Sun
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Douglas Dietrich – Roswell and the Rising Sun


Attempted elucidations of the (in)famous 1947 AD Roswell incident generally run on two tracks: 1) it was a downed UFO/spacecraft piloted by extra-terrestrial aliens whose bodies were found and 2) it was a downed secret military weather balloon the existence of which was covered up due to its classified nature.

What Douglas Dietrich presents in the lecture/DVD Roswell and the Rising Sun is a third option which does a good job of pulling together all of the evidence, and hearsay, into a reasonable and understandable tale of technology and intrigue.

As the title implies, he somehow manages to link the Japanese to little green men—actually, as was noted in the 1994 AD movie Roswell “they ain’t green” and, by the way, they ain’t gray either…at least not until rigor mortis. In fact, on his website, Dietrich notes “Roswell And The Rising Sun: World War II Didn't End the Way You Think...”

Douglas Dietrich has a fascinating bio which you can read here: Biography. For our purposes, it is relevant to note that he served in the 1991 AD Kuwaiti Campaigns of Operation: Desert Shield and Operation: Desert Storm as a U.S. Marine. This was after working as a Department of Defense Research Librarian at El Presidio Real de San Francisco Military Base.

Specializing, as he did, in official document destruction; he encountered a tremendous backlog and thus, sifted through decades worth of classified documents, many well above his own level of classification, wherein he learned many details that fill in history’s blanks, show how history has been re-written or, simply ignored.

Dietrich has appeared at conferences such Conspiracy CON 2011 and UFO X-Fest 2011, as well as on radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, has been published in Nexus Magazine, etc., etc., etc.

Here is a succinct description of the lecture/DVD from the website:

If the United States hadn't sued for peace on August 15, 1945, a majority of Americans could have died in the same way as many American prisoners of war in Japan: via weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) created by Emperor Hirohito's covert ‘Empire of the Black Sun.’
Douglas Dietrich has exposed the documents which prove that the United States perpetrated the war with an interdicted Flying Tiger air raid on Japan, which led directly to the preemptive Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Now, in this heavily-illustrated presentation, Dietrich reveals how Japan ended World War II with an astonishing super-weapon that could deliver mass death to the American homeland, and proves that the government is still lying to us -
about how it lost the war it started!
Also to be included, the rise and fall of the fifty-million dollar Hakui City U.F.O. Museum in Japan during the Mid-1990s centered on The Roswell Incident Debris that Douglas Dietrich Returned to the Japanese people – The Prize Fragment was returned to Mr. Dietrich following the enormous impact of this project on Japanese-American Relations.”

The lecture is fascinating on various levels and will appeal to those interested in history in general, military history in particular, technology, propaganda, Roswell, and much more.

He sets the stage for that which came to be known as the Roswell incident wherein something crashed, was retrieved and covered up. Sorry, no spoilers here but do note that he manages to identify the craft itself, the occupants (which were retrieved), why Americans who observed the debris noted that the vehicle’s control modules were too small to be piloted by humans and the controls were to be used by four fingered…somethings.

Regardless of which take you have on Roswell, or even if you do not particularly have one, this lecture/DVD will surely be appealing as it is well spoken, well researched and well presented along with many photos and illustrations. We get an eyeful from photos of Japanese Emperor Hirohito to illustrative reconstructions of long abandoned flying craft and from wartime maps to…Buck Rogers (biddi biddi biddi).

In the near future we will also post a review of another lecture/DVD by Douglas Dietrich titled Satan's Crusaders: Coming of Age in the Devil’s Presidio Playground. In fact, Dietrich’s work brought him to be under the auspices, as it were, of the US Army’s first officially recognized satanic chaplain; Col Michael Aquino (who, after involvement in Anton La Vey’s church of satan went on to establish the temple of set). And, by the way, Aquino also has something to do with Roswell…and the aliens.

So…act now…here’s how to order…it slices, it dices, it…okay, well; what Deitrich is offering is a 2-for-1 DVD special:

“This is your last chance to get the DVD set; we will not be selling Roswell and The Rising Sun as a DVD for quite some time (if ever again) since Douglas' Roswell and The Rising Sun Book is being published soon (June/July 2013 [experiencing delay as of Oct 2013 AD]).

The only way to see this presentation in the future will be to attend one of the conferences where Mr. Dietrich has been invited to present.

Get BOTH of Douglas Dietrichs' Presentations for the Price of ONE!

Set includes 2 DVDs: Satan's Crusaders & Roswell and The Rising Sun

--- $25 for USA Orders ---

Includes Shipping Within the USA


DELIVERY WITHIN THE USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25

DELIVERY IN CANADA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30

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Titles not sold separately during promotion; allow 4 WEEKS for delivery USA & CANADA, INTERNATIONAL ORDERS can take up to 6 WEEKS to receive.”

These may be purchased by logging in to Paypal but be sure to visit the description page first.

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