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DVD review: Don Jon (2013) An insightful, funny approach to mens intimacy issues

Don Jon


One of the great aspects of film is the diversity that they have. Movies allow all levels of creative outlooks on the different genres within filmmaking. The love story is as old as they come and filmmakers have to constantly find ways to reinvent and redefine how to tell the tale of two people loving one another. With that being said, love stories come in all shapes, forms, and kinds. In an effort to keep films modern and relevant, the genre has had to find ways to reinvent itself. One of the more unconventional modern takes on it debuted earlier this year on video.
Don Jon is an offbeat, unconventional happenstance that focuses on the male perspective of modern dating, romance, and the desire to connect beyond the physical aspects of love and sex. It’s a story about one man’s obsession with the search for the perfect dime, a perfect “10” of a woman. The movies star Joseph Gordon Levitt (Looper), Scarlett Johanson (The Avengers), and Julianne Moore (Non Stop).
It’s a very unique film that merges humor with a very deep outlook on the male approach to intimacy, dating, and relationships. It tells the story of one man’s inner journey to find the ability to connect beyond the physical aspects of sex. He uses porn to substitute for his lack of ability to find satisfaction through coitus.
Joseph Gordon Levitt does a good job at creating flawed characters in the story. This grounds the characters and makes them believable in spite some of the outrageousness of the film. Don Jon is a character that is men and women can relate to. This is one of Levitt’s better roles, probably likely the best since 50/50. Scarlett Johansen and Julianne Moore both give good roles as Levitt’s potential love interest.
Despite how superficial Don Jon appears, it’s actually a very deep film that uses a number of clever plot devices to take a hard look at how many men may view sex, intimacy, and relations. The film does a good job as using an outrageous approach to deliver its premise. The film is one of the few to address the intimacy issues of men and how they connect through sex. It may not be the best a addressing this topic but it’s one of the few to do so. Don Jon showcases how men view women but also how many women refuse to be sensitive to the issues that many men have with it.