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DVD review: Dark Skies (2013): An insightful, scare less horror movie

Dark Skies


The Horror genre is one of the hardest in movies to successfully pull off. It’s extremely difficult to constantly reinvent ways to scare viewers. It’s even difficult in modern times as there are so many films that focus on gore and blood as opposed to trying to find a way to truly scare the audience without the high level of blood and guts.
Dark Skies is a boorish, maddening snooze fest that offers little entertainment. It centers on the story of family and their ordeal with alien abduction. They’re your all American family fighting to save one of their sons who has become the target of a potential alien abduction. The movie debuted in 2013. The movie stars Keri Russell (Mission Impossible 3), Jake Brennan (Super Buddies), Josh Hamilton (J. Edgar), Dakota Goyo (Real Steel), Kadan Rockett (The Fortune Theory), and J.K. Simmons (The Words).
Dark Skies is an underachieving, alternative perspective on the oft told story of alien abduction. However, it is one of the more realistic approaches to the long withstanding, unexplained phenomenon. It manages to filter in all of the elements of classic abduction tales in the process of offering its own take for why these well-known details have become commonly associated with alien abduction. Its different approach is the singular that that makes this film at least watchable. This catastrophe manages to make the occurrence appear to be something of a stalking nature as opposed to the random occurrence that it is often thought to be. This is truly the best aspect of this film. There aren’t many films that take this approach when addressing this subject matter. Sadly, this is where the good of the movie ends.
Dark Skies is the great example of what I call trailer seduction. It had a great trailer that completely sold the viewer on this as a good horror story but the truth of the film is that it’s boring. The film has an incredibly tedious nature to it, a slow start. There’s not much of a scare within the first 20 min and after nearly 45 min & there isn't much any true chills. The little bit of thrills that you get from this is nowhere near enough to justify the duration of this calamity. This isn’t a must see or even a “should see.” This is more of an “if you happen to come across it” type of film. Don’t waste your time or money even getting it from the Redbox. If you really want to see it then catch it on cable or Netflix but only if there’s nothing else to watch.