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DVD Review: Bible Quiz

Christian Documentary Bible Quiz


Bible Quiz now available on DVD

Makayla discusses a Bible Quiz question with JP O'Conner
By Nicole form the website: Bible Quiz

For seventeen year old Mikayla Irle, reciting Bible chapters and verses from memory during the National Bible Quiz championships is easy. Expressing her affection for a boy who only sees her as fellow teammate is hard. Bible Quiz, a documentary directed by Nicole Teeny, introduces an ordinary girl, named Mikayla, competing against other Christian youth contestants during a National Bible Quiz. As her fellow teammates prepare themselves for the competition, Makayla discovers the pressures of the competition and her first puppy love makes for an unusual relationship. Bible Quiz offer audiences a peek how church youth groups from around the United States wage a bible knowledge war against one another for the chance to be crowned Ultimate Bible Champion. But if you think this film is about Bible class 101, think again.

Just coming off third place last year, Makayla and her teammates prepare themselves to win it all. With family issue impeding her studies, JP O'Connor takes an interest in her as a friend and counselor. As the team travels from one Bible competition to the next, she begins to have strong affections towards JP. JP on the other hand want nothing better than to win Nationals and be champion before graduating. Makayla and teammate Rachel Holley, a new member of the team and only 13 with a vast knowledge of the Bible, become good friends and brings the team closer to the finals. Her feelings for JP are tested as they enter the semi finals rounds. Will the pressure of pleasing JP and the competition be too much for her? Can she keep it together?

I found this documentary film very surprising to watch. Learning about the Bible is a lifetime career but this film shows how the competition hook youths to study the Bible for competition purposes. It left me with residual feelings of being superficial and apathetic. Learning about the Bible should be used as a guidance or reflection to better understand about God rather than gain points on a scorecard. I was amazed to how Mikayla learned a great deal about the Bible, but never applied it into her life. The film Bible Quiz will offer empathy towards Mikayla as she struggle with family issues and her feelings with JP. As Makayla reveal about her feelings towards JP, I was moved by her struggle and honestly. Just as we think we want something out of life, God’s plan offers what you need. Produced by Teeny Motion Pictures and distributed by Virgil Films, this film is not rated and give it 5 out of 10.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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