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DVD review: Baggage Claim: Needs to be jettisoned!

Baggage Claim


Baggage Claim is the lame, completely irrational endeavor that makes a futile, pedestrian attempt to gives a hip take on dating, marriage, and modern romance. It’s yet another unrealistic perspective on the modern fairy tale of romance that some single women will cling to. It debuted in theaters in The movie stars Paula Patton (Mission Impossible 5: Ghost Protocol), Derek Luke (Captain America: The First Avenger), Jill Scott (Why Did I Get Married Too), Adam Brody (Think Like A Man Too), Christina Millian (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), Affion Crockett (A Haunted House), Lauren London (I Love You, Beth Cooper), and Jennifer Lewis (Think Like A Man Too), with appearances by Boris Kudjow (Resident Evil: Retribution), Taye Diggs (The Best Man Holiday), Djimon Hunsou (Push), Trey Songz (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Rickey Smiley (First Sunday), Terrence Jenkins (Think Like A Man Too), and LaLa Anthony (Think Like A Man Too).
Synopsis: “Pledging to keep herself from being the oldest and the only woman in her entire family never to wed, Montana embarks on a thirty day, thirty thousand-mile expedition to charm a potential suitor into becoming her fiancé. (
What do you get when jam as many Afro-American stars as you possibly can into a poorly written romantic comedy? The answer would be Baggage Claim. Baggage Claim is a poor excuse for a film that is billed as a romantic comedy but should be labeled as worthless dribble. It’s a horrid excuse for entertainment that does little to separate or distinguish itself from any other romantic comedy or what many like to call “chick flicks” nowadays. It’s big on romantic fantasy and little on reality. It’s one of those movies that some women will love and most men will hate. This catastrophe is jam packed with as many stereotypical characters as it is stars. In addition to the insanely ridiculous premise of the movie, it is so predictable that it seems like it was written in a high school English class. The romantic moments of the film play out like a bad music video. It’s the all too typical overzealous embrace the over the top romance that comprise novels.
The film is billed as being a romantic comedy but comes up extremely short on both. The romance is almost completely unrealistic and the comedic moments are scarce. It has a few good moments of humor that is quickly forgotten as there are overshadowed by the irritating nature of this adolescent like perspective on the whole concept of marriage and love.
The best aspect of disappointing travesty is the star power that it brings together. Baggage claim is comprised of one of the most talented cast that you will see in a romantic comedy. Nearly every role in the movie is portrayed by a very recognizable Afro-American actress or actor. This was its best and worse aspect. While the star power is a great draw, many of the stars are in it for just their name and have little more than a cameo. It never fully utilizes any of them even in the limited time that most of them appear on screen. The cast is misused from top to bottom. Paula Patton stars and she is easily better as a stronger written character (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). Patton’s performance as Montana Moore almost comes across as hapless instead of a damsel in distress. Her two main costars Jill Scott (Gail) and Adam Brody (Sam) are transparent as well. Scott plays the typical loud mouth fat woman and Brody is the all too typical gay friend. Consequently, Scott does add some bleak glimpses of enjoyment in her character. She has some of the funniest moments in this tragedy. Affion Crockett also makes the most of his limited minutes as the apprehensive security guard, Cedric. Crockett is hilarious.
I don’t know what was worse; the predictability, poor writing, or the waste of talent that this film is stockpiled with. Baggage Claim isn’t the worse film of its kind however; it’s the worse of its kind with this level of talent. The movie is drooping with talented actors who have all been great in at least one film. Baggage Claim does nothing but turn them into drones. The whole fairy tale romance was sickening. It completely lacks universal appeal so this isn’t a good couple’s movie as it is more “chick” than flick. The comedy is decent but not enough to offset the obvious catering to the female audience that this is intended to attract. Baggage Claim needs to be shipped as far north as possible with no return label!