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DVD review: Adult World

DVD review of Adult World


Staring John Cusack, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters and Armando Riesco

Emma Roberts
TreeHouse Production

The film, Adult World, is your typical coming of age movie, as long as one does not mind a daughter having drag queen diva as a friend and works in an adult novelty boutique. Not since such films as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and She’s having my Baby, directed by the late, great John Hughes, has a film rekindled feelings of standing against tide , alone and be counted as a unique individual . Poet writer Amy. a recent college graduate, will soon discover what it means to suffer for your art and learn the meaning of independence and love.

Amy, played by Emma Roberts, is eager to publish her life’s poems and earn wealth and be recognized as a great poet. Amy’s financial hardships though has taken a toll on parent’s wallet and decides to find a job, unfortunately, the only thing she’s qualified for is a sales assistant for a adult film/novelty store. She befriends a young assistant manager named Alex, played by Evan Peters, who show her the ropes. Later at a local book signing, Amy meets her all time favorite and successful poet Rat Billings, played by John Cusack. Just short of criminal harassment from Amy, Rat agrees to offer his mentorship in exchange for some cleaning around the house.

With her car stolen and insurance policy cancelled prematurely, Amy’s father reprimands her action causing Amy to leave home and strike out on her own. She stays with a drag queen diva name Rubia, played by Armando Riesco, whom she met earlier that day. She finds an apartment near Rat Billings and waste no time taking full advantage of the agreement. During her encounters with Rat, Rat rejects her optimistic approach on life and throw sarcastic jabs to make her realize talent does not guarantee fame or success. In one of the best lines in the film, Rat offer some advice for Amy. Rat asks, “ How do you feel about failure?” Amy responds, “ I have failed many times.” Rat replies, “Well that’s good. Continue to fail. If you want to make art you have to fail. And so the hardest job is to fail better.”

I found this film to be both funny and entertaining. John Cusack performance remind me a cross between Groucho Marx and Bill Murray. His short one-liner comments to Amy were like the warmth a wet towel, a great performance. Emma Roberts performance as Amy, is a fine example of what this new generation is lacking, thick skin. As the unofficial cheerleader for the poet society, Emma performs the character as a white-eyed and bushy tail youth full of optimism but with an uncompromised heart of gold. And newcomer, Evan Peters, expect great things in the near future especially being cast as QuickSilver in the X-men Films. Directed by Scott Coffey and written by Andy Cochran were an excellent match to work together. Produced by TreeHouse Pictures in association with Anonymous Content film is distributed by IFC Films.
I give it 7 out of 10.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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