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DVD review: About Time: An extraordinary ordinary life at its best

About Time (film)


About Time is a charming, imaginative oddity that creatively comingles a sci-fi premise with a tender story about romance, family, and the progression of life. It’s one of the most original films that have come around in some time. The movie stars Domhnall Gleeson (Dredd), Rachael McNichols (Morning Glory), Bill Nighy (I, Frankenstein), Lydia Wilson (Never Let Go), Lindsay Duncan (Alice In Wonderland), Richard Cordery (), Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street), and Tom Hollander (Byzantium).
This charming happenstance is an extremely heartwarming story about fulfillment and enjoying one’s life. The film has an interesting premise about time travel that is eloquently conjoined with a love story. The movie accentuated by a nice soundtrack that really sets the mood. It’s a multifaceted tale that infuses a number of elements to help ground this larger than life story. Its part science fiction, part romance, and part comedy. It finds a great balance for them all as none of the aspects outshines the other over the course of the film.
One of the better elements of the film is that it isn’t simply a love story. While it is billed as a romance, it is far deeper than just your average boy meets girl love story. The film is really a testament to love in all forms; Family, romance, and life itself. About Time is comprised of a number of tender moments. About time connects with a number of relationships that involve multiple aspects of love and life; from Father to son, husband to wife, and among siblings.
In addition to the heartwarming aspects of the movie, the film has some extremely good comedic moments. The movie’s best ones are comprised of the number of uncomfortable moments for Tim. They make for great humor. They each feel genuine and are very relatable for those who have ever felt overwhelmed when meeting our “other” of the opposite sex for the first time.
The cast is merged very well with one another. Domhnall Gleeson handles the role of Tim to near perfection. Gleeson’s performance as Tim draws you right into the fabric of the story. He’s perfect as that underwhelming guy who nobody pays attention to. In addition to Gleeson, Bill Nighy is impeccably charming in his supporting role as Tim's father. Nighy is the real gem of the movie. Nighy’s depiction of “Dad” is one of the better supporting roles you’ll see. He’s every bit as charming as the film itself. Rachael McNicols has a few good moments but this is far from one of her better performances.
When there are so many redundant stories, About Time is a very refreshing take on the genre. It’s one of the more human stories that you will ever come across. It’s easily become one of my favorite romance films because of relatable the movie was for me. It may not have gotten as much publicity or recognition as some of the other recent films to debut but this is clearly a classic in the making. No, it’s not the notebook or the vow but this is every bit as heartwarming and romantic. About Time is a must see for anyone who loves a good uplifting film.