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DVD review: A Brony Tale

Documentary of men loving their ponies on DVD.


Let it be said that fandom art comes in all shapes, sizes and genres. For the fans of the popular children's television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the fans from the show is not what you expect. Instead of being kids of ages 3 thru 14, the general audience is made up of mostly men. In the film, A Brony Tale, writer and director Brent Hodge brings a documentary about a new cult following of men in love with characters from the popular television series. Ashleigh Ball, a voice character actress, offers her insight while television fans offer their opinion as to the success of the show and why they follow their beloved show with such convictions.

Main voice actress Ashleigh Bell joins fans for pic

Ashleigh Bell, an inspiring singer for a band called Hey Ocean and voice actress for the past seven years, plays the voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash from the popular tv show My Little Pony. Not realizing a phenomenon was about to spark, enjoys performing the characters for a well written children’s program. But over the seasons, tv audience, consisting mostly men, began embracing this taboo of associating themselves with this show that’s pinkish and girly. It was not until she encountered her first “Brony” and realized how the show propelled her into celebrity stardom with fans. Just some facts about the show’s audience. Eighty five percent are males while fifteen percent are women. On an education scale, thirty five percent are high school students while sixty two percent are college graduates and that’s just the tip of Little Pony universe. Bronies and Pegasisters, for women, enjoy the show’s storytelling of resolving personal issues. Each pony characters has their own personalities that impedes them from completing a task. With the help of their fellow ponies can they join together to overcome it.

Both Bronies and Pegasisters are the new generation of television fans largely in part with the help of social media, they share art, music, ideas and meet others with similar interest. What the original television show Star Trek did for the last millennium , My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic offers a new and positive perspective about the world. With the memories of September 11 linger in the minds of people, catastrophes such as this generate an outlet of positive social media. My Little Pony: The Friendship is a wonderful show that teach simple morals values as well as the weight of friendship. So be warned, the show will make a Bronies and or Pegasisters out of anyone and news flash, Next year’s BronyCon 2015 will be held in Baltimore, MD.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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