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DVD movie review: 'RAZE'

DVD movie RAZE


Not since James Patterson’s 1997 movie, “Kiss the Girls” has there ever been a film full of psychological drama and suspense of women held against their will. The movie, "RAZE" directed by Josh C.Walker brings a new level of mental terror as ordinary women are abducted and forced to fight to the death against one another. Our main character Sabrina, played by Zoe Bell, fights beyond pain and anguish as she hopes to live long enough to see her daughter again or else suffer the same fate as her predecessor, in a body bag. Imprisoned for weeks a ruthless warden controls who will fight one another, a tradition that has been passed down for generations. Warden Joseph is accompanied by his sadistic wife, Elizabeth and a team of armed and loyal security guards. With little hope of escaping, can Sabrina and inmates survive this ordeal or be carried off in pieces?

IFC Midnight Films, Cinpix
Cinpix, IFC Midnight films

As Sabrina emotionlessly await for her next match to begin, promoter and warden Joseph, played by Doug Jones announces the play by play action, via close circuit, from the comfort of his home filled with guests. In a dimly lit circular dirt ring, Sabrina and the rest face-off against other to kill for sport and prestige. But as Sabrina and the others look for a way of escape, their hopes soon fade away as each deathmatch becomes more brutal than the next. It becomes clear for all, only one will survive this ordeal wins their freedom. Can Sabrina musters all her strength and wits one last time in hopes of finally be free from this nightmarish dream and reunite with her daughter.

The movie overall is quite violent and very dark and sadistic. Many who will see this movie will be surprised how vicious a woman can become if she’s well motivated. Thought the film vaguely expresses the reason why these battles are needed but offer this, “ So that women will be become stronger than before.” Why, I do not know? Also we know little about Joseph’s wife, Elizabeth, played by Sherilyn Fenn, only knowing she was former contestant and has remained on staff for moral support for new prison-fighters. Produced by Cinpix, Cosmic Toast Studios and Quincy Pictures, distributed by IFC Midnight films, RAZE will be out May 20th on DVD and is intended for mature audiences, I give this film 4 stars.for plot and 5 stars for fight sequence.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid. For more information regarding RAZE, please click on the highlighted tags throughout the article. Hope you enjoyed this review and catch some of my other movie reviews on Thanks for reading and sharing.