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DVD Movie Review of "Training Day"

Training Day


This has been one of weakest summers ever for new movie releases, so instead of wasting my time and money reviewing lousy films, I am going to begin to bring you special reviews that I am going to call “Rehash.” These are going to be good movies that you may, or may not have seen; but are worth watching again: The first “Rehash” is the 2001 hit, “Training Day.”
We have become so accustomed to watching Denzel Washington jumping on trains and flying planes that we may forget that he probably played the slimiest cop in movie history in “Training Day.” Detective Alonzo Harris (Washington) is in charge of an elite narcotic squad in L.A. that includes five detectives; but soon to have six. Rookie Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), an idealistic young pup from the academy expects to make a difference but he is about to take the ride of his life.
The movie immediately hooks you when showing Jake meeting Alonzo for breakfast in a diner. Jake sits down and interrupts Alonzo’s morning read of the newspaper, and suddenly Alonzo goes bonzo. Alonzo finishes his mini-rampage and then “Training Day” begins in the office: Alonzo’s jacked up black Cadillac.
The two cruise around the city while Alonzo offers Jake his philosophy on handling the job: “One must be a wolf,” Alonzo instructs while howling, “or one will be eaten.” During the training in the Caddy, Alonzo makes Jake smoke some marijuana that is laced with PCP under the pretense that if you turn down drugs in front of a dealer “you’ll be dead.” While Jake is catching a major buzz off of the laced dope, Alonzo makes a stop by an old buddy of his (Scott Glenn). The two have a couple of drinks, talk shop, pick on Jake a bit, and then Alonzo and Jake proceed to go on a drug bust looking for someone called the “Sandman.” This part of the movie is integral to the plot.
Washington’s Alonzo just eats up the screen. He is a manipulative, arrogant, violent man that uses intimidation to run the city; while Hawke’s Boy Scout routine provides the perfect foil. Released during the time of the Rodney King episode, this movie is a ticking time bomb. I would suggest not watching the movie with the children around, and if you have a sensitive wife, you may think twice. This movie is rated R for Strong Brutal Violence, Pervasive Language, Drug Content and Brief Nudity. Make sure you “Rehash” the film. (122 minutes.)