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DVD Movie Review of "Pompeii"

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When I seen how fast the movie “Pompeii” went from general cinema to the one dollar cinema, I figured that the whole production had to be a real dog. After watching it, I must admit, I have seen far worse movies.
The story line from Director Paul W.S. Anderson probably could have been written in his sleep: Milo (Kit Harington) is only a child when the Romans raid his clan’s Celtic horse raider enclave, and then watches as a legionnaire named Corvus (Keifer Sutherland, with a good wig on) slaughters his entire family. Milo manages to survive by hiding under a pile of dead bodies, and then grows into a Celtic warrior who is bent on revenge against the Romans. When Milo is captured by the Romans during a raid, they decide to keep him alive and use him as a gladiator for their weekend games.
During incarceration Milo becomes enamored with Cassia (Emily Browning), the daughter of Pompeii’s regional administrator, and a slave-elitist love story is hatched. Problem for Milo is that he has a career in the gladiator arena with no health care to speak of, and to complicate matters further, Corvus wishes to marry Cassia and take her back to Rome.
The evil Romans seem to be having everything going their way but the Gods shall have their say. The star of the movie, a gigantic volcano with a bad temper, is about to blow its stack. Once the lid blows it is every man for himself. The Blu-ray video now turns into a first rate fireworks show that would embarrass the Fourth of July celebration at the New York City Harbor. Exploding rocks and lava flying into your video room will have you ducking behind your sofa. Although the story is simple and predictable the special effects are first rate. I recommend the video.

My Rating: 3 of 5 Volcanic Power Blast.