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DVD Movie Review of "Cold Comes the Night"

Cold comes the night

Cold Comes The Night


Some movies are just meant to be viewed as DVD’s, and Director Tze Chun’s “Cold Comes the Night” fits the billing perfectly.
Chloe (Alice Eve) is a hardened young lady that supports her little girl by running a seedy, run-down hotel that is patronized mainly by hookers and drug dealers. When social services pays a visit, Chloe is warned that she has two weeks to get her child out of the sleazy living conditions that they call home. Chloe has an arrangement with a crooked cop (Logan Marshall-Green) who is supposed to provide protection, but now that social services are involved they have a real dilemma. To further complicate things a criminal with vision problems named Topo (Bryan Cranston), who speaks in a Russian dialect, and his driver, have checked into the hotel to get some rest. Topo apparently has a load of money to be delivered to his boss and he needs to deliver it ASAP. But when his knucklehead driver gets involved with a hooker in his hotel room and he ends up dead from a gunshot wound, their truck is towed into a police pound with the money inside of it.
In order to get the money back Topo threatens to kill Chloe’s little girl if she does not help him get into the truck to retrieve the stash. Chloe has no choice but to help, but she is under the mistaken impression that she is now a partner with Topo, and that she will receive half of the booty for her assistance. We all know the old maxim: Never trust a half blind Russian, who wears amber glasses and never smiles.
A series of violent clashes between Topo and the crooked cop who allegedly stole the money are forthcoming. Cranston’s role as a Russian Walter White is at times laughable (I kept waiting for a bag of blue meth to fall out his pocket), and Alice Eve does a good job as a survivor; but it is not good enough to save the movie. I suggest going back to the “Breaking Bad” reruns to fill some time.

My Rating: 2 of 5 Blind Heisenbergs.