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DVD Movie Review of "Blue Jasmine"

Blue Jasmine


Anytime the movie critics are making goo-goo about another Woody Allen movie, I am suspect (New York movie critics?). Well, I finally got to see Blue Jasmine, and guess what? It is goo-goo.

A great cast, lead by Cate Blanchett really lay one out. Jasmine (Cate) is a manic-depressive New York socialite who is married to big shot Hal (Alec Baldwin). When Hal decides that he wants to marry one of his many girl friends and tells Jasmine that he wants a divorce, she loses it and decides to call the FBI to tell them that her husband is a crook. Hal gets busted, and Jasmine hits the Xanax and vodka (Stoli) hard. Jasmine, who has no professional skills at all, now has zero money; no job; and no place to stay. What’s an unskilled socialite to do?
Jasmine heads to San Francisco where her adopted sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) resides. Ginger, who lives in a tiny San Fran apartment with her two children and plans to marry Augie (Andrew Dice Clay-anyone remember Crime Story?), is asked by Jasmine if she could stay for awhile. At this point, Jasmine is taking Xanax like M&Ms, and drinking vodka like water, is turning manic. Ginger, who has always been looked down on by her sister agrees and the game is on.
Jasmine must now find a job and she finds out things aren’t so easy in the real world. The job hunt scenes are hilarious; especially the dental assistant gig) with Dr. Flicker (Michael Stulberg), who is a regular nitrous oxide gas, will have you on the floor. The Jazz track to the movie is first rate and don’t be surprised if Cate Blanchett takes home another Oscar folks. I highly recommend the movie (now available at Redbox). Rated PG-13. Comedy, Romance.

My rating: 4 of 5 get gassed points.