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Durand Bernarr performs first Verses Select concert series

Durand Bernarr performing at Club Liv
Durand Bernarr performing at Club Liv
Sir Harvey Fitz

Durand Bernarr


Last night at Liv Nightclub DC the Wednesday Verses crew kicked off the very first Everything Verses Concert series, "Verses Select” featuring Durand Bernarr. It was of course hosted by none other than the multifaceted Lorna Pinkney and will occur every 5th Sunday of the month. “We are so excited to present a new series that continues to showcase artists from around the country!” said Pinkney, and she could not have selected a better choice than Durand. The support and turnout was evidence that there is a thirst for such artistry that the mainstream industry cannot inundate. The show was hot! Literally, it felt like an inferno in there due to A/C issues but that didn't completely hinder the good time that was had by all who attended. The music blasted signaling Durand’s signature mellow yellow grand entrance through the window. Positive energy flowed through the speakers and ping ponged off of the walls as Durand swayed his hips, popped his fingers, and fluttered his geisha fan while effortlessly careening down his set list; crashing into the crowds’ delight. His equally incredible band was made up of Dennis Turner on bass, Sol Zahran on keys, and Quick on percussion. Resident artist Reshada Pullen-Jireh sat at the edge of the stage painting an incredible portrait of Durand on canvas while he performed:
What have I Gotten Myself Into?!
Paper Chandeliers
Time and a Half
Sing You to Sleep
Red Rover
U Ain't Got Me
A.M. Phone Calls

Durand Bernarr performing at Club Liv
Sir Harvey Fitz

If a couple of the titles on the list seem unfamiliar that’s because they are brand spanking new songs that haven’t been released yet. Durand treated the audience to previews of “Sing You to Sleep” & “Red Rover” which should be available to the general public later this year. Both songs in true Durand fashion explore the intricate nuances of relationships and intimacy. Speaking of intimacy, a quick change in the form of a semi striptease of sorts provided an up close and personal view of Durand that garnered no complaints from the crowd moreover a bevy cat calls and whistles. After the show Durand stuck around and greeted the attendees, took pictures, and bid them ado until next time. This hopefully will be very soon.
The next Verses Select will be August 31st. Until then, join in on the fun back at Bohemian Caverns for Wednesday Verses featuring Kevin Sandbloom on this Wednesday at 8pm $7.00 cover.