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Dungeon Keeper review

The outlook of the lands ready to be conquered.
The outlook of the lands ready to be conquered.
Ken Kriho (Dungeon Keeper game)

Dungeon Keeper


Dungeon Keeper is a strategy game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts, and released on June 26th, 1997. The story follows you (the Dungeon Keeper) as you attempt to destroy the world from all that is good. This is one of few games where you play an antagonistic role.

Dungeon Keeper title
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The graphics are dark, gritty, and well done. The scenery also looks very crisp and clean. The only negative about the graphics are the characters. They aren’t bad looking, but they could’ve looked better. The dens are also impressive looking and really makes this game come to life when they’re built.

Sound-There isn’t much to the sound (just simple basic sound effects), but the voices are done well, and the Mentor (voiced by Richard Ridings) sounds very convincing. The music does add to the atmosphere, but really isn’t necessary.

Gameplay-Unlike most strategy games that rely on complex menus, this game doesn’t enforce that concept. It's just you, your underlings, and the environment. For the majority of the level, all you do is dig, dig, dig, creating space for your dwellings. This can be tedious and boring, but then again, you are building a dungeon. Once in a while, you’ll come across gold, which is used to buy dens and store treasure. Combat can be a little problematic at first, because the closest creatures (namely, the imps) will attack (or flee) as soon as they are in range of the enemy. Once you get used to everything, the gameplay is surprisingly well done.

Simplicity-Not a lot of memorizing of complicated menus, easy to play mechanics, and high fun factor make this game worth it.

Overall-Dungeon Keeper is original by having the player play as an antagonist, and there should be more games like this. Games with antagonistic roles need to happen more often.

Score: 5/5

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