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Duke Nukem 2 review

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The previous game mentioned
Ken Kriho

Duke Nukem 2


Duke Nukem 2 is a side scrolling game published and developed by Apogee Software. The game was released on December 3, 1993. It is the second game in the Duke Nukem franchise. The plot takes place one year following the events of the first game (it’s even mentioned in the opening story) and while being interviewed about his new book, Duke gets captured by the Rigelatins. Their plan for world domination involves the rigelatins using Duke’s brain as the key, but Duke Nukem says no and escapes, thus once again is on a mission to save the world.

Graphics-As expected, the graphics are a step up from the first game. The scenery looks good, the characters look good (although the sprites are a little too big), and the environment really captures the apocalyptic feel.

Sound-The soundtrack is really good, and fits each level appropriately. The only drawback is that you’re going to hear the same soundtrack again and again as you play through each episode.

Gameplay-The gameplay remains the same as the first; you go around, shoot things, collect items (some needed to progress further), and make your way to the exit. Speaking of items, there are more to collect and some that you can destroy. You’ll get an end of level bonus depending on what you’ve done, and there’s seven altogether. The new feature is that some missions that require destroying satellites that are tracking Duke’s progress. If Duke doesn’t destroy them all, he can’t leave the level. Another new feature is that there are new weapons to collect, and all three are really well done. The only thing missing is the ability to switch back to your default weapon. This would’ve been a very helpful feature as to save the stronger weapons for later. The action is a little faster this time around than in the first game.

Direction-With a heavier emphasis on action, the direction this game is heading in is a sign of things to come with Duke Nukem 3d. It’s this game that we start to see some of Duke’s one liners and cheesy quotes come into play.

Overall-Duke Nukem 2 is a very worthy successor to the first game. With the changes and improvements, Duke Nukem 2 is a shining example of making a good game better.

Score: 4/5

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