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Drip premium email marketing solution for Wordpress users

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Drip email marketing solution


As everyone who has anything to sell online knows, email marketing is the number one way to keep customers coming back for more. Enticing new customers to sign up to an email list is as simple as an offer; a percentage off, a free download, coupon, etc. As simple as it may seem, many visitors who stumble on sites do not sign up for email newsletters. One of the main reasons is because of the way the site owner tried to get the visitor to sign up.

Think about some of the ways online marketers try to get emails added to their lists. Some choose a static signup box with info about their offer (if they have one). Some choose to use a signup box at the end of every article post, which is pretty decent to do. There are those who use that annoying popup box that is dead centered in the article. And then there is Drip, a mostly new email marketing app to use with Wordpress.

After careful review of Drip and some digging, Drip seems to be one of the less obnoxious ways to get people to sign up to email lists. Here is how Drip works from the visitor standpoint. Visitor comes to site and after a few seconds, a little popup on the bottom right side of the screen appears. This popup is a simple box with some copy and an email signup box; nothing too drastic there.

The site owner now can send an email campaign to the new list member, and hopefully with the right emails, turn that list member into a new customer.

After sending a question about Drip to Chris Lema, one of Drip’s customers, here is what he had to say, “I used Drip for months. I'm on a pause right now as I adjust my email lists. But it was incredible. I got 500 sign ups in a matter of weeks. Using my other methods took 3-4 times that long (like the static box).

Some highlights to Drip are:

  1. You never pay for the amount of subscribers in your list, rather how many email signups you get per month!

  2. Choose from an Opt-In Widget or a Static Opti-In form

  3. Sign up and receive a custom 5-day course (your freebie to entice signups)

  4. Push subscribers to Mailchimp or Aweber (hopefully more email clients will be added soon)

There are more features like removing the Drip branding and Salesforce integration, but that is with the premium versions. For anyone looking for a simple solution (no customized, jazzy email templates) to email marketing that goes a bit farther than the norm, but less pushy as other methods, try Drip. The Wordpress widget is pricier than other email marketing software ($49/month to start), but the 21 day trial period is well worth the effort to find out if Drip’s method for email marketing is a good solution.

For more information about Drip email marketing solution, log on to

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