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Drinks On Me Tour brings rhymes and rhythm to Hard Rock Boston

Drinks On Me Tour at the Hard Rock Boston


It was an evening of good music and positive energy this past Thursday night as the Drink On Me Tour featuring up–and-coming rapper Less-On hit the stage at the Hard Rock Café Boston’s music venue The Cavern Club. The event was hosted by Nick Groff (of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel) and Paranormal Hood Radio’s Jiggy and Marlon did a great broadcast from the greenroom.

Nick Groff
Amber Stevens

Special musical guests included Elijah Starr, a talented musician from LA, the amazing Boston-based soul/funk group American Symphony of Soul, the lovely ladies of Boston's R&B Rhythm and Beats and of course the renowned Danny Bedrosian, Keyboardist for Parliament Funkadelic and Secret Army.

The intimate crowd and relaxed ambience of the room made for an enjoyable experience and it seemed as if all were truly having a good time. All of the artists gave outstanding performances, engaging the audience and really putting their souls into the music. One of the best things about the evening was seeing the artists mingle about the room between sets, taking photos and chatting with everyone from friends and family, to fans and press alike.

Nick, Less-On and Danny took a few minutes pre-show to talk to Examiner about the success of the EP, touring and what’s next for the quickly rising Hip Hop sensation.

Examiner: “Last time we talked, the Drinks On Me EP was just about to come out; it has since been released and seems to be doing really well.”

Nick Groff: “Yeah it’s doing awesome. The EP is going strong right now; we’re getting a lot of national press on the album. So we’re really excited about the album and about Less-On being on board with us and signing him to the Groff Entertainment/BOZFONK label. We’re just taking the next steps with everything that we’re doing. We’re here at the Hard Rock in Boston, MA now doing some live performances for all these amazing people coming out and just having a good time.”

E: “You also released a really cool video for Bottle Poppin which you filmed in Boston and Lawrence. What was the experience like making that?”

NG: “It was cool and we had our boys Jiggy and Marlon with. We shot it around and on top of a warehouse and did some really cool stuff and Merk was spray painting graffiti on the walls.”

Less-On: “That was a dream come true for me, you know, I’ve always wanted that.”

NG: “So the video turned out awesome, we got over a hundred thousand hits I think in two weeks.”

E: “He’s going big.”

NG: “He’s going to be the next big artist, tell your friends, tell your family, tell everybody. He’s got such a positive message too.”


E: “Now you have a mix tape out called The Universe?”

L: “Yeah, that’s a lot of me just going crazy you know and letting it all out.”

E: “Any plans to record a full length album?”

L: “Yeah definitely, that’s what we got going on.”

NG: “That’s our next project we’re working on now.”

E: “Playing live shows is also something we touched very briefly on before; it’s been in the works for a bit. What does it feel like to be here actually performing, doing the Drinks On Me Tour?”

L: “I have some little butterflies but I’ll shake them off.”

NG: “For Danny [Bedrosian] this is nothing he’s used to this; this is like his thousandth gig right here. He just got off tour with George Clinton.”

Danny Bedrosian: “Yeah, I just got back from London and just finished recording an album straight to Vinyl. It was at Metropolis Studios which is one of the most famous studios in the world. The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Queen – they all recorded there. It was really fantastic and outside of the box for what recording is like these days so it was really special.”

L: “You got to go back in time in a sense, and put the future on to the past.”

DB: “I can’t wait to hear it on the Vinyl.”

E: “That is really cool, Vinyl is making a comeback. Touching back on the touring, is the Drinks On Me Tour going to be a full tour or just a few dates and then more later on?”

NG: “We’re easing into it right now, there are a lot of venues we’re looking at and that have been contacting us in the Midwest, California and Chicago. Danny has some we’ve been looking at too. Right now we’re just focused on getting Less-On out there and working on the second album which I think is going to be the ultimate album. We’ve got an amazing producer coming on, talking to some good distributors…”

L: “And we have Danny.”

E: “Sounds exciting! You are playing in the Coast 2 Coast Showcase in NYC, congratulations on getting that spot.”

L: “I’m going to New York City! Yeah I’m really excited. On the mix tape there’s actually a song where I rap about going to New York and being on tour. My boy hit me up saying ‘You told the future!’ When Nick called me up I was like ‘Oh s*** for real, I’m going to New York?!’”

E: “You’re also entering Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands out in Chicago?”

L: “Yeah and we have to get out votes up so go to the website and vote.”

NG: “When you vote you get a free download of his song So Close so everyone please vote and help us out.”

L: “Yeah and we’re at the Hard Rock right now so we can’t stop!”

Keep up to date with and follow all of the artists here:

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For information on Nick's company Groff Entertainment, check out the website here.

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