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Drink, Eat, and Play at Gonzo's

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Gonzo's Bar and Grill


Just past Lake Meridian on Kent Kangley road you’ll find Gonzo’s Bar and Grill, where the moniker of “Drink, Eat, Play” is fitting, regardless of what order you arrange the imperatives. Open for over 3 years now, Gonzo’s has been serving up good drinks, great bar food, and a nightly event schedule to the Kent/Covington area. Like its namesake muppet character, you might not always know exactly what kind of place Gonzo’s is depending on the hour you visit, but it will definitely entertain at least one of your senses no matter when you arrive there.

Open for Lunch and dinner 7 days a week (with a brunch on Sunday’s) Gonzo’s serves up honest, quality fare that goes beyond expectations of your typical Southeast KC bar. Perhaps with a nod towards Dionysus, Gonzo’s menu has a slight tilt toward the Greek archipelago with fare such as Tzatziki & Pita ($4.99), Roasted Pepper Hummus ($6.99), and a traditional Gyro ($9.99). The Ouzo-challenged need not fear however, Gonzo’s classic bar food does not disappoint. Not to be missed are the White Lightening Wings ($7.99) and the Santa Fe Egg Rolls ($8.99) as well as outstanding sandwiches that break away from laissez-faire local menus. Notable examples include an Italian grill on Focaccia bread with bacon, salami, provolone, and mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes ($9.99) and the “Naughty Greek”, a tasty variation on the traditional gyro with marinated chicken and roasted red-pepper hummus.

All the way down from owner Allen to the friendly staff of waitresses, Gonzo’s service and drinks are friendly, consistent, and timely with just the right amount of class and sass to add a spark to your night. There are about 15 beers on tap and a healthy bar with a few surprises (Absolut Boston anyone?). As previously mentioned, Gonzo’s lives up to it’s billing on the “fun” side as well. There are nightly (and weekend daytime) events including karaoke, beer pong, live bands, and traditional DJ Friday nights. The clientele shifts noticeably as the night stretches on and you are bound to find more backwards than forwards hats after 10pm as the younger, single crowd filters in. Regardless of ages though, Gonzo’s has what every great local bar needs: a loyal following, and like great local bars before it, it is most likely only a matter of time before noon-midnight at Gonzo’s represents a tri-generational cross-section of local patrons who all “Drink, Eat, and Play” in their own way.