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Dreamworks delivers an all-new Blu-ray of How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon Blu-ray


Animated films are always hit and miss with most of them really great to look at but lacking any substance to make them worthwhile. In 2010 Dreamworks released How to Train Your Dragon that surprisingly stood out amongst the sea of nonsense to bring something fresh and new to the genre. With the sequel getting ready to hit the big, screen what better time to revisit the original with this all-new Blu-ray release.

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DreamWorks Animation

Hot to Train Your Dragon follows a Viking teenager who has never really fit in with the rest of his Viking clan. When a chance encounter with an injured dragon flips his world upside down he will finally get the chance to not only prove himself a hero, but a chance to set a new course for the future of his entire clan. The story here is pretty simple, but there is a lot more heart and action to it than you might expect. The animation itself is really well done. There is a darker tone to it than you usually see in these films, but worked perfect for the setting of the story and the characters. There is plenty of action here that is not only well done and exciting, but varies from silly moments to more elaborate battles. With voice acting, sometimes the voices just don’t fit the characters, but here they all fit perfectly with Jay Baruchel leading the charge and bringing a simple innocence to the role. The rest of the cast including Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Kristen Wiig all brought their own unique twist to their respected roles. While the characters themselves are all very interesting and entertaining the real star here is the various dragons. They were very clever in their designs with each one having a more unique look that added another level to them that would have been lost without it.

This is one of those few animated films that holds up just as well now as the time it was released. This hi-def version is beautiful to look at making for a fun ride that is sure to suck you right into the world of the Vikings and dragons like never before. This new Blu-ray release not only features this great film, it also includes Ultimate Book of Dragons, Trivia Track, deleted scenes, commentary, an episode of the TV series ‘Dragons: Defenders of Berk’ and more. In addition each copy includes a ticket to see the upcoming sequel How To Train Your Dragon 2 that hits theaters on June 13th.

Return to the beginning of the adventure and grab your copy of How To Train Your Dragon on Blu-ray when it hits stores on May 27th.