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Dreams of Vertigo dream big with latest EP

Reject University album cover
Reject University album coverDreams of Vertigo

Reject University EP from Dreams of Vertigo


What started out as a dream for promoter Doug Ferguson is finally reality. Many in the local scene know Doug as the passionate promoter who was adamant about not paying to play in any venue. With a love for Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold, Doug set out on the streets of Long Beach and Orange County with his guitar, a few songs and his dream. He found a lead guitarist in Devin McCrea, a drummer in Brandon Betts and while passing the corner of Anaheim and Long Beach Blvd. in search of debauchery he found future bassist Gonz Wolfy.

The band has just completed their first EP "Reject University", a hard hitting 6 track pop punk album similar to popular Green Day and Mest. The opening track is "Pay To Play" what else would you expect from Doug Ferguson. The guitar work of Devin McCrea sets the tone for this track. You can hear the venom in Ferguson's voice as he tackles one of the biggest obstacles local bands have to deal with. The arrangement of the track is what this band is all about. They combine the hard hitting edges of punk and metal perfectly. The song is a compliment to 4 lads working hard on their craft. Track 2 is "80-86" has some really great moments. The guitar work stands out again and the harmonies are right on point.You can feel yourself ready to jump up and down with the band or circle the pit with teen angst. Track 3 is "Masterpiece" a slower track that showcases what brought these 4 lads together. Ferguson's voice has come along way since he started playing shows and you can tell he works just as hard at singing as he did as a promoter. The song has the potential to be played for many years to come. It's sure to be a cell phone lighter favorite at any Dreams of Vertigo show. The band gets back down to business with track 4 "Head vs. Heart" which is also set to be the band's first video. The song is good and if you skate or like the skate punk style of the early part of the 2000's you'll dig this track. The band brings everything they have on this track. They combine metal, punk and hardcore elements perfectly on this track. Track 5 "JFC" keeps in line with the skate punk/pop punk style that makes Dreams of Vertigo. This song is the closest to a Green Day song on the album and if your a fan you'll love this track. The final track is "Key of V". The track starts off with traditional drum anthem beats and combines both the slower aspects and hard hitting aspects of this unique band.

After listening to all 6 tracks off "Reject University" one thing stands out, hard work pays off. The band has came along way since their first couple of shows. They have paid their dues and are poised to take the music world by storm. All 6 tracks are great and have something everyone can appreciate. Ferguson's dream of playing Hockey may not have panned out but the Dreams of Vertigo seem destined for stardom.