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'Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Stars' - DVD Review

 Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Stars
Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Starsshelter island

'Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Stars'


Mark Marderosian has been called the new Mr. Rogers. Which considering how popular Fred Rogers was for so many years is a big compliment. 'Drawing with Mark' is educational not only for the beginning artists, but he also teaches the early stages of math and he also touches base on the subjects he is going to draw. For instance, yes he could have just shown the children how to draw a star but he goes farther. He takes them on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Boston and talks with one of the curators. They discuss how many planets are in our solar system. They discuss the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. Mark is not only interested in teaching children how to draw he also wants them to understand what they are drawing.

Now the age group that Mark is trying to work with is the 5-9 year old. As a teacher for the last 14 years I can say that any help these children can get on their own through DVDs like this is wonderful. Mark has been teaching children to draw for some twenty years. He has worked his magic into a true form of not only entertainment but also a way to show children many different aspects of learning and he honestly makes it fun.

This DVD has two episodes and children can learn much from each. They are interactive so the children are not just looking at the screen as if they are in a daze. They are actually working, which is cool.

The quality of the DVD is excellent. The sound and visuals are the best you can ask for.

Shelter Island Entertainment are the ones bringing the DVDs of 'Drawing with Mark' to you, and personally if you have children or grandchildren these are high quality educational materials that you can spend your money for and you will never regret the purchase. Our children are the most important parts of our life and we should do everything we can to help them learn. Enjoy.