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'Drawing with Mark: Happy Tails' - DVD Review

Drawing with Mark: Happy Tails - DVD Review
Drawing with Mark: Happy Tails - DVD Reviewshelter island

'Drawing with Mark: Happy Tails'


Mark Marderosian has been teaching children to draw for over 20 years. His "Angels from the Attic" cartoon strip is in over some 50 newspapers. Mark has taken his talent and expertise and come up with the Drawing with Mark DVDs and incorporates a little math, how to draw and even a field trip. Mark for instance in 'Happy Tails' wants to teach children how to draw cats and dogs. Now he can show you on a piece of paper how to do it, but he also takes you to a kennel and shows you actual dogs and cats. He and say the owner of the kennel discuss how to treat dogs and cats and just wants you to learn more then just the drawing of the animals. He makes it fun.

His technique is simple and children from the ages of 5-9 can easily understand what he is doing. The things that he talks about on his field trips are easily understood by children. He is what some are calling the modern Mr. Rogers. His approach is simple and to the point. It is an experience to watch these DVDs that he has come up with. They are not simply something that your child will look at with far away eyes, they are interactive. Meaning your child or grandchild will have work to do and they will learn about their subjects.

Mark has new releases of more of his shows coming in March but for now you can pick up this DVD and others that your children can work with.

Shelter Island Entertainment are the group bringing 'Drawing with Mark' to you this day. They are very interested in bringing high quality work that your children will enjoy. The DVDs are of the highest quality. Your children will learn much with their two episodes DVD. They will be very thankful to you for caring. Let's face it our children are our life and we are here to do the best by them. So take the time with their learning for as you know the schools are not the only places that our children can learn from. They can learn from our homes and with us sitting right next to them and enjoying Drawing with Mark. Have fun.