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'Drawing With Mark: Good To Grow and Life On The Farm' DVD Review

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'Drawing With Mark: Good To Grow and Life On The Farm'


On this DVD Mark Marderosian is going to show us how to draw some items that we would see on a farm. Can you guess what he may want to draw today? Well Mark is wanting to draw a cute pig and a barn and also to show us how to draw a tractor and a sunflower.

For our field trip, Mark is going to take us to a real live farm. On the farm we see all kinds of animals including a bunch of cute little pigs. As we look over the farm the farmer shows us his barn and his tractor which are important to a farmer. A barn as you will learn is a place where the farmer can store animals as well as equipment. Inside the barn a farmer can house tractors which is a very important piece of equipment that he must use.

Now Mark also will show us some things that you will use for the rest of your school career. Like shapes such as a circle, a square and a triangle. These shapes are instrumental in most everything that is drawn.

Mark Marderosian has been at this for some 25 years. He is able to communicate well to his viewers and is able to get his instructions understood.

Mark takes us up into his attic and from there he is able to teach us how to draw. One thing I learned as a teacher, especially when I was handling kindergarten classes, is that some children would be prepared through some sort of pre-school and others were not ready at all. Parents if you don't want to have your children go to a pre-school then these DVDs will help you tremendously in getting your child ready for school. In this day and age you can't just leave it up to a teacher.

The DVD is of the greatest quality in sound and visual. Mark is able to teach your child the beginnings of drawing.

'Drawing with Mark' is brought to us by Shelter Island and will be out for the general public on March 11, 2014. So get ready and pick this one up for your library and watch your children and grandchildren enjoy many hours of learning to draw.