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Drake Bell - Ready Steady Go (Refreshing, mature, and impressive)

Drake Bell's Ready Steady Go is on sale today! Grab a copy before it blows up and you end up looking like a bandwagoner.
Drake Bell's Ready Steady Go is on sale today! Grab a copy before it blows up and you end up looking like a bandwagoner.
Drake Bell

Drake Bell - Ready Steady Go


The long anticipated album by Drake Bell finally released today. Few words can really articulate why I feel the way I do, but choice words would include: Impressive, mature, and refreshing.

So much of what’s being made today lacks a certain finesse. People often make music just to make it, and ignore notes of character and movement; music production has largely become about making money or representing the often depressing zeal of an artist than attempting to entertain people; Ready Steady Go accomplishes both.

Drake Bell finally breaks the mold from what I believe his fans and the critics generally pinned him as. No longer the rock and roll punk from television, Bell comes forwarded with a rockabilly style, and an album that brings us back to a dead era, injecting lots of modern value to appeal to a greater audience. “Bitchcraft” was a huge risk on part of the musician, but a successful one that I enjoyed, and now hearing the rest of the album, I can say without a doubt, it only gets better.

Straight from “Sunny Day,” “Bull,” and “I Won’t Stand In Your Way,” the first three tracks set a precedent of what the record is going to encompass in three different ways. By far my favorite of the three is the latter, which makes me want to find out if this beauty is on vinyl and invite my lady to a slow dance in our apartment livingroom. The impression you get is this passionate, soft, and melodic tone that still manages to sound upbeat and entertaining instead of, you know, droll and depressing.

“Makes Me Happy,” isn’t exactly a new song for anyone who knows the artist’s repertoir, but I was excited to see it on the list, and to hear it re-recorded. It’s the kind of thing that reminds you he hasn’t forgotten who he is, and still believes in the work he’s created in spite of what anyone has to say about it.

Other songs like his cover of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” add the cherry on top for me, and hopefully, for you too. It really brings together the theme of the album, and as if it can be said enough, Drake Bell’s style of singing and composition really exemplifies what was great about the track in its day without feeling the need to “modernize” it with too many crazy effects. I was happy to see a natural and faithful cover on this release.

There are obvious hints of ‘50s influence among the tracks, often comparable to Elvis and other singers of that age, but again, incorporated with modern themes and production value that makes a classic sound thoroughly enjoyable for any ages. Given the quality of music today, and what we’re willing to accept as “popular,” and “authentic,” Ready Steady Go is a godsend among insects.

To top this off without giving up anymore, the final track “Give Me A Little More Time,” had me pining for the vinyl version again, so much so that my Google search history is flooded with page after page of looking for one. On the whole, it’s another great slow-song, and in today’s era, I think that’s incredibly difficult to find.

Sure, you’ll find emotional ballads, depressing screams, and uplifting final numbers on most albums, but I challenge you to show me a better song than this to really grab a partner and dance to. It’s the kind of thing you could get away with playing at a school dance or even, dare I say, a wedding. (I do dare).

Heralded as the album he always wanted to create, Bell pulled out all the stops with this one. It’s certainly the kind of new album you can sink your teeth into, whether you like rock ‘n’ roll or not. Drake’s voice is one that entices the listener, and the smooth, original, and creative music that modern trends can’t come within a quarter mile of, there’s nothing you won’t like about Ready Steady Go.