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DragonBall Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

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DragonBall: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle


In 1984, DragonBall captured the imagination of manga-reading audiences with its unique characters (such as the protagonist, Son Goku), compelling story, stylish action, and goofy comedy. Two years later, DragonBall does the same thing; this time on TV and theatrical motion pictures. Although not part of the DragonBall cannon, the four DragonBall movies have certain followings of their own. As of 2011, FUNimation has released all four movies on DVD.

The second movie is titled "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle." It takes place as Goku is about to train under Master Roshi and meets Krillin for the first time. Instead of searching for just any woman (as is the case in the manga and TV series), Roshi sends them off to search for the fabled Sleeping Princess who was supposedly captured by the Devil himself. Not only do they race each other to see who gets there first, they must battle the forces of the underworld before their quest is over.

The video quality for the 2011 DVD release is top notch thanks to the remaster. The sound quality is quite a different least in the English dub department. This is one of FUNimation's earliest in-house dubs. Although it was a nice effort in 1997, it has since aged terribly compared to their most recent efforts. There's also the top-notch Japanese version on this DVD.

As with anything DragonBall-related, this is worth watching at least once. It's available in the 4-movie pack for around $40.