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DragonBall Movie 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies

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DragonBall: Curse of the Blood Rubies


In 1984, DragonBall captured the imagination of manga-reading audiences with its unique characters (such as the protagonist, Son Goku), compelling story, stylish action, and goofy comedy. Two years later, DragonBall does the same thing; this time on TV and theatrical motion pictures. Although not part of the DragonBall cannon, the four DragonBall movies have certain followings of their own. As of 2011, FUNimation has released all four movies on DVD.

The first is titled "Curse of the Blood Rubies." It starts with a young Son Goku living off the land, fishing for big fish, chopping wood, etc. (very similar to the manga and TV series.) *****SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE MANGA OR WATCHED THE TV SERIES.*******The main difference is that there is an opposing force who works for an evil king also in search of the DragonBalls, as well as some shiny red gems called Blood Rubies. Another difference is that these enemy soldiers have stolen Goku's Four-Star Ball. Goku is also joined by a girl called Pansy (as in the flower). She tells of how the king of her land was once good, until he started searching for the titular Blood Rubies.

The 2011 release of "Blood Rubies" is the only widely available release on DVD in the United States. There have also been two other releases with different dubs. The 2011 dub is one of the most recent works on the entire DragonBall saga done by FUNimation, so it is pretty good. Video and sound quality has been remastered for this decade's standards. Blood Rubies is available in the DragonBall 4-Movie DVD pack for $40.00. Definitely worth picking up.