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Dragon's Crown Elf figure by MegaHouse

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Last year, Dragon's Crown was released on the Sony PS3 and Vita systems. Even before the release, much of the talk about the game were centered around the character designs. More specifically, the female characters. The Sorceress and Amazon were highly scrutinized for their generous proportions. Of course those proportions also boosted their appeal and popularity to the fanbase. So it was only a matter of time before figures would be made of the cast. Earlier in the year, AlphaMax released a Sorceress figure, and now MegaHouse enters the fray with their trio of figures featuring the Sorceress, Amazon, and the first of their line, the Elf.

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While not nearly as over the top as the other two, the Elf is a highly agile and dynamic character with beauty in her own right. The posing is another one of those dramatic side planked bases. The angle and balance of the figure is evident by how well she sits up on the base. If you are still worried about it, you can always buy a small plastic stand to place under her for a counter balance. The figure itself is very well detailed, showcasing details you don't really see in the game. The Elf's bow, clothing, and even a squirrel companion are nicely done. If there is one complaint I would have, it would be the lack of a bowstring, but that's really minor. The base of the figure features the game's title logo and a jigsawed design, I assume it will link up with the other two scheduled to be released later this year. At a nice 1/7 size, and a price tag of under $100, this is a great figure for fans of the game and the character. The other two are also priced under $100, so I would definitely say to keep a look out and finish the collection.