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Dragon Friends; an Isle worth hours of passtime entertainment

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Dragon Friends iPhone app


If you’ve been seeking a great iPhone or iPad entertainment pastime, search no further; Dragon Friends from Toast & Innospark has not only proven great for passing the time but an innovative combination of many of the best games the App Store has to offer. Similar to Smurfs, Farmville, and countless others, Dragon Friends does an excellent job of combining the most entertaining elements of many popular titles with a flavor all its own.

Like many titles of its variety, players have the capability to decorate an island where their dragons can be raised and bred. Breeding various combinations can produce different results as well as using magic on the dragons and animals to unlock various rewards for populating the collection book as the new additions to their island are made. Not unlike other titles players have the ability to purchase the various means of commodities for buying their way through progression, but it’s not at all necessary to enjoy the game. Quests guide the player along with certain combinations of dragons and animals to breed, but again are unnecessary for fulfillment of the tasks beset by them.

Decoration and dragon breeding however are but one of the many features this game provides to keep players interested; the social mechanism is simple and fun to partake in as well. The game can be synced to a facebook account, but that isn’t required to take part in the social aspects whatsoever. Making friends is as simple as visiting other islands and clicking upon the players visiting or performing tasks from there. Friends can definitely come in handy as well, not only are they able to restore crops that may have demised from a players’ failure to claim them when ready to harvest, but they can even speed up the time required to hatch eggs, breed new creatures, and even cheer at shows being put on from the coliseum. There are also simple means of communicating with those friends with the in-game email/chat feature. To further the social aspect, as any player unlocks a new animal or dragon; a message will display allowing them to congratulate each other on the new addition to their isle. Incentives for such congratulation come through the same mail system in the form of hearts, one of the several commodities players utilize to purchase new dragon eggs, buildings, and decorations. Visiting friends’ islands can also provide players with not only ideas for their own, but tasks and further commodity rewards as well.

While having many unique and fun means by which to entertain, there definitely seems some measure of lack as well. While the story presented is that players are breeding these dragons to protect their isle from a wicked witch, there is never really any sign of this witch nor any competitive means of the dragons being bred. It is for this reason alone that the game did not score a full five stars on this review; but who’s to say there isn’t something brewing ahead from the developers? The fact that they have unique dragons available during various holidays and seasons makes it difficult to imagine there isn’t potentially more ahead for this entertaining realm. Rest assured although similar to many other app titles out there; Dragon Friends assures countless hours of entertainment without any pressure or stress to enjoy them. If you’ve been seeking a cute, fun, sociable, title this game is definitely one worth checking out.