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Dr. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation- no that is not a typo

Dr. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
Dr. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
Dr. Perricone MD website

Dr. Perricone MD No Foundation


Right, so we all know that Dr. Perricone MD offers an array of high quality/high dollar skin care products but can he deliver in the makeup department?

Well kids, yes he can. This product goes on beautifully and is virtually goof-proof. It gives your skin the little glow it needs to face the world.

But don't try calling it a "foundation" because it's so much more than that.

For one, it only comes in one color so no need to fret over which one to choose to avoid a foundation mask. No Foundation Foundation somehow blends right into your skin magically (Science is kind of like magic, right?) helping to even out your skin tone. Not only does it help your skin look more radiant but it also treats and protects it.

Or as stated on the Dr. Perricone MD blog, "the little product that could" specifically:
"• Correct skin undertones,

• Smooth fine lines and wrinkles instantly,

• Boost skin’s natural moisture throughout the day,

• Deliver antioxidant benefits and non-chemical UV protection."

So to clear up any confusion, this is not a moisturizer but is to be worn with a moisturizer. It boosts the moisture levels in your skin but a separate moisturizer is recommended. Also blending, blending and blending is essential.

Another pleasant surprise is how light it feels on the skin and how it doesn't seem to encourage increased oil production like so many tinted moisturizers and foundations do despite what they advertise.

Visit the Dr. Perricone MD website to purchase directly or to find your nearest retailer for "a-worth-every-penny" price of $50.


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