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Dr Harvey's Sweet Potat'er Chews - a healthy dog treat

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Sweet Potat'er Chews


Families are constantly searching for safe and healthy chews that their dogs will enjoy. Dr. Harvey's has once again come up with a winner with the Sweet Potat'er Chews.

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These chews have just one ingredient - sweet potatoes. That makes them perfect for dogs with food intolerances and food allergies. There are no dyes or preservatives for you to worry about.

This is a totally "made in the USA" product. The sweet potatoes are grown in the United States and dried right here. Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta carotene for your dog along with many other vitamins. Fiber is another bonus of this treat.

Because sweet potatoes are a digestible treat the risk of any kind of blockage is minimal. Most dogs settle down with these treats for a long chew. These are excellent chews for teething puppies. Our test dogs were all in favor of these chews, though one test dog took a few minutes to warm up to them.

The chews have minimal odor and did not leave any residue on the carpet. Eager canine volunteers vacuumed up any crumbs.

Sweet potato chews can be ordered through the website at Dr Harveys, via online pet supply options or at retail stores. The website buying guide can help you find these chews near you.